Exactly as its name suggests, American Poker Gold is an American par excellence game! Once you open the game, you will find the bald eagle flying and screech while the white American stars surrounding it.

Video poker is a patent introduced by the giant gambling software company IGT in 1979 to combine the poker hand ranking with the slot’s gameplay. So, this game depends on luck as well as skills. At this time, IGT created this game to solve the problem of overcrowding at the poker tables, but now players can easily enjoy it online at any time comfortably!

American Poker Gold has very simple rules that you can master easily after several free spins on the demo version available on this page. To run the game, just click on the (Play Free Demo) game on top of this page, then you can use the free credit to get familiarized with the rules, train your strategy, and develop your skills. If you find this game worth the real money risk then you can choose one of the casinos we recommend on our site and start betting on the game with real money.

Game Type

Video Poker



RTP Percentage


Betting Limits

$0.10 – $100/ Spin

Max Winning

1000x the stake (When hitting the royal flush)

Additional Features

✓ Auto-spin feature

✓ Energy-saving mode

✓ Fast and ultra-fast modes

American Poker Gold Game Rules

The rules of American Poker Gold are very simple because it is basically based on the slot games mechanism. At first, the game will ask you to place a bet with a value of between $0.10 and $100, after which 4 cards will be displayed on the screen. If at least 2 cards are matched, you will win your bet. The most amazing feature of this game is that it pins cards likely to win to the next round. So, you will have an additional chance to get greater returns! For example, if you get 4 cards (Jack, Jack, 3, 2) you will get a win for the 2 Jack cards also they will be pinned to the next spin for an extra chance of completing the combination. You can also show cards that you think will make up a winning pattern in the next round.

Betting limits on this game ranges from $0.10 to $100 per spin. You can use the auto-play mode to place a bet on 10 to 1,000 spins with a fixed betting amount and speed up the game pace. There are some subtle features associated with this mode designed to enhance the gaming experience. For example, if you activated the auto-play mode then opened a new tab on your browser, the game will be paused until you open its tab again, this is a great feature that gives you more control over your spending.

American Poker Gold Features

There are many features that you can customize on the American Poker Gold game like play in the regular/full-screen mode, use the space key rather than click spin by the mouse, show standard/ unique cards, and play on the energy-saving mode to extend your battery life if you’re playing via smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Also, you can choose the game pace speed to be like a turtle (slow mode), rabbit (fast mode), or horse (ultra-fast mode)!

American Poker Gold Paytable

As we previously mentioned, you will need to get at least 2 matched jacks or better, and the better combination you get, the higher wins you will receive! Next, we have covered all the winning patterns and their potential returns.

The Handwinnings x stake amount
2 Jacks1x
2 Pairs2x
3 of a Kind3x
Full House15x
4 of a Kind50x
Straight Flush200x
Royal Flush600x
5 of a Kind1,000x

Why You Should Play American Poker Gold?

Here are some advantages that you can get from both demo and real money versions of American Poker Gold:

  • American Poker Gold protects your privacy! as you can to play without anyone else’s interference.
  • You can change the gameplay as needed at any time. For example, you can increase your bet if you feel the game is getting hot, and you can easily use or cancel the auto spin feature.
  • American Poker Gold is a great way to learn the poker rules and the hands’ combinations in a very short time.
  • Although the outcome is determined entirely by RNG algorithms, you can use the appropriate strategy to increase your returns since the game gives you the ability to pin the cards that you want to remain in the next round. In addition, this game uses only one deck of 52 cards, meaning that the cards that were dealt before will not appear again.
  • If you want to know any info about the game, you can click on the (i) sign to review the rules, take a look at the paytable, and know other info.
  • You can focus on the gameplay without the noise of live poker games!
  • This game offers excellent winnings starting from 2x your stake and up to 1,000x.