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Blackjack + is a new game from FELT provider that is still new to the online gambling scene, but don’t be fooled by the rookie patch! As that FELT has produced many games with creative features and simple gameplay! Blackjack + isn’t an exception, it has a neat interface, offers many side-bets, and depend on the classic blackjack rules that every player knows.

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100% لحد أقصى$2000
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100% لحد أقصى$500
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تحميل أكثر

Blackjack+ starts when you place a bet on your hand with an amount range between $0.10 to $500 then you should click on the deal button to start playing. Also, you can place any of the side bets like:

  • Perfect Pairs
  • 21 + 3
  • Lucky Ladies
  • Suit’Em Up
  • Lucky Lucky
  • Buster Blackjack

The betting limits on the side bets also ranges from $0.10 to $500. The game gives you an option to place a bet on a single, double, or treble hand as you want.

After the player has been dealt his cards, he can make a choice of the following:

  • Hit (to get one more card).
  • Stand (to not make any changes whether to your hand or your bet and move to the last round).
  • Double (to double your initial bet amount and get additional card).
  • Split (if you get 2 identical cards and want to split them to 2 hands).

After the round ends you will find three options: (New game, rebet, rebet with double wager).

In this game, the dealer always stands on soft 17, while the player is free to decide the best option with his hand.

Game Type



FELT Provider




  • Side Bets
  • HTML5 enabled
  • Dealer stands on soft 17

Blackjack+ Side Bets

Blackjack+ contains six exciting side bets that you can place on your hand. It is worth noting that side bets are separate from your original bet and can’t be an alternative for them. So, it is optional to buy them or not. All the additional bets in Blackjack+ have very low winning odds. So, better to buy them in modest amounts. These bets are as follows:

1. Perfect Pairs

This bet is the most popular in all traditional and online blackjack games as well. If you get two matched cards of the same face value and same suit, you will win 25x your stake.

2. Blackjack 21 + 3

You can win the 21 + 3 bet if the first two cards you get and the face-up dealer card make up a three-card poker hand.

3. Blackjack Lucky Lucky

You can win this bet if your first two cards and the dealer face-up card equal to 19, 20 or 21.

4. Buster Blackjack

This bet can be the most exciting one as you will win it if the dealer bust and the more points you get over 21 the more winnings you will get! However, note that all the side bets in Blackjack+ are placed before the player gets his cards.

5. Blackjack Suit’Em Up

If you get the first two cards of the same suit and values you will win this bet! Your cards do not have to be of the same suit, but they must be of the same value.

6. Lucky Ladies

Exactly as the name of the game suggests, you can win this bet if you get two cards with a total of 20 and includes a queen, and if you get an extra queen, you get an extra win too!

Try Now Blackjack+ For Free!

If you want to try Blackjack+ now, you can enjoy it from this page without having to register a new account, make a deposit, or even specify a username! All you need to do is click on the game window to start playing immediately without any waiting. Blackjack+ will give you a free $10,000 credit and if you run out of this value you can refresh the page to get another $10,000! While if you want to play this game in real money mode, you can pick a casino from our recommendations.