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تحميل أكثر

Launched in 2018, DJ Wild Poker is one of the best releases from Scientific Games. This game contains a great set of unique features that make the gaming experience more enjoyable and exciting. Although RNG poker games are most likely video poker, this game is presented as a real poker game where the player is an opponent of the game algorithms and has to get a higher hand to win his bet. In other words, the player in DJ Wild Poker challenge the game’s software and not playing alone.

The gameplay of DJ Wild Poker is straightforward as at first, you will place an initial bet to get 5 cards. Then you can decide to call or fold; Choosing the call option means that you will double your bet and continue playing to the last round. But if you choose Fold, you will lose your initial bet and withdraw from the game because your hand is weak. Although that surrender means losing your initial bet, it can be a strategic withdrawal if you think that your hand will not win and doesn’t deserve a double bet.

The betting limits on this game starts from only $0.50 while the maximum is $100. However, note that you should double your bet to continue playing and reach the last round.

This game stands out from other poker variants by offering the Joker Cards that offers huge earnings to the players. Now, you can enjoy this game for free through this page without the need to download any app, register a new account or make a deposit. However, if you want to get real profits from this game, all you have to do is choosing a recommended casino from our website and sign up to play there for real money and get real winnings.

Game Type

RNG Poker

Minimum Bet


RTP Percentage


Available on mobile


DJ Wild poker game payout table

Although regular poker games do not include Joker cards, DJ Wild Poker rewards these cards generously! As follows:

5 Jokers1000x
Royal Flush50x
Five of a Kind10x
Straight Flush9x
4 of a kind4x
Full house3x

Best Strategy For DJ Wild poker

You can apply all the regular poker strategies in the DJ Wild poker game. One of the best ways to get a sure win is to double your bet when you get a pair or fold when you don’t have a strong combination! Also, you shouldn’t focus on predicting the opponent’s hand, rather you should focus on your hand and rate its combination.

If you are planning to play for real money, the main strategy that you have to follow is to stick to a specific budget without going over it under any circumstances!

Try out the Game Now For Free!

If you want to learn poker safely, you can try the game Dj Wild available on this page completely for free without opening a new account or making a deposit. Even if you are familiar with the rules of poker, you can try this game to know the winnings that the game offers. Also, you can discover other free games we also offer to players. While if you want to get the adrenaline of real gaming, you can join one of our recommended casinos and play there for real money.

Dj Wild game features

The main feature of Dj Wild is that it contains joker cards that multiply your winnings and this feature is not available in other poker games. Also, you can play this game on your mobile easily as it works in HTML5 format, the game layout and features will not be affected when you open it on your mobile device.