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Launched in 2017, AsiaHawala is an Iraqi local electronic wallet. This wallet joins the growing family of Iraqi mobile wallets that includes FastPay and Zain Cash. It also works in the same way and offers the same services but outperforms its digital cousins in unique features and characteristics. To start using Asia Hawaii, you must have an Asiacell active SIM and a smartphone or tablet. Then you will be able to create a new account and start using it with no problem. You can use this wallet to receive/transfer money to other beneficiaries online, pay for prepaid or postpaid phone lines, pay household bills, receive your salary, and pay for shopping. Moreover, you will be able to use it to make deposits and withdrawals at Iraqi online casinos, primarily Betfinal.

If you are excited to learn more about the wallet that offers you the perfect payment experience, continue reading this page!

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How to Open a New Account on Asia Hawala?

The wallet has made it easy for its users to sign up and register a new account. To set up an account on AsiaHawala, you do not need a bank account; instead, you need an activated Asiacell line and a smartphone or tablet. Then, you can follow these steps:

  1. Dial the free SC number (*211#).
  2. Then, the autoresponder service will welcome you and invite you to press 1 to continue.
  3. Then the wallet will be activated automatically.
  4. Now, you can download the mobile wallet app through Google Play, App Store, Huawei AppGallery, or through the wallet website.
  5. After downloading and installing the Asia Hawaii app, please open it and choose your preferred language from Arabic, English, and Kurdish options.
  6. Then, the app will offer you two options: (log in to an existing account, sign up for a new account).
  7. If you choose the second option, you will need to provide your phone number and set a 4-digits pin code.
  8. The app will send you a one-time passcode valid for 10 minutes only, and you should enter it on the wallet app to activate your account.
  9. After entering the OTP code on the wallet, you will have a trial period of 60 days. After that, if you want to upgrade your account and get a permanent wallet, you must go to the nearest agent with your personal documents, including your ID card, residence card, and recent utility bill.

During the trial period, you will be able to use all the wallet services, but with slightly lower limits. Iraqi wallets such as FastPay and ZainCash also work in the same way.

It is worth noting that you can skip the trial version and start using the full version directly by going to the branch with your personal documents.

Asia Hawala Kurdish Advantages

1. Licensed by the Central Bank of Iraq

Asia Hawala does not work outside the national banking framework. Quite the contrary, it is licensed by the Central Bank of Iraq. Therefore, it provides its services legally and offers the top level of security and protection to all its users. In other words, this wallet uses the same protection protocols that Iraqi banks use.

2. Convenient

Asia Hawala Wallet is 100% based on smartphones and tablets! So, you can use it from any time and anyplace to send/ receive payments, make deposits/ withdrawals at online Iraqi casinos and sports betting sites, pay bills, buy flight tickets, etc. All you need to have is an active and stable internet connection only.

3. Recharge Phone Balance or Pay Bill

You can top up your phone’s balance or pay your bill via Asia Hawala wallet.

4. Buy Virtual Prepaid Cards

You can pay virtual prepaid Mastercard cards with an amount of between $10 to $100.

5. Money Transfer

You can transfer money to anyone who has an account on AsiaHawala or Zain Cash quickly by entering his mobile number or scanning his QR code. The transfer fees are only 0.025% which is much lower than the transfer fee of any other mobile wallet

6. Household Bills Payment

You can pay your water, electricity, and gas domestic bills with one click only and with no additional fees.

7. Shopping Online & Offline

If you are not fond of making cash payments and want to use a more straightforward, faster, and more flexible method, you can depend on Asia Hawala Kurdish!

8. Make Deposits/ Withdraws at Online Casinos

By Asia Hawala Kurdish, you can deposit and withdraw funds from Iraqi casinos and sports betting sites, like Betfinal.

9. Have Full Control of Your Financial Life

Given the various services and options offered by Asia Hawala, you will have complete control over your financial life and make all your payments through one platform.

AsiaHawala Disadvantages

Despite the enormous advantages of Asia Hawala, there are some downsides that you should be aware of before start using this wallet.

1. Available on Iraq Only

AsiaHawala is a mobile wallet available to Iraqi citizens and residents only at present.

2. Long Processing Times

Although FastPay and Zain Cash wallets offer instantaneous transactions, AsiaHawala is slow and processes transactions within 24 hours. So, for example, if you send money to another user, you will get the funds after a working day, while if the transaction was made on an off-day, it will be reflected in your account on the next working day.

3. Doesn’t Offer a Physical Prepaid Mastercard

Asia Hawala does not offer its users a physical MasterCard card that can be used at ATMs inside and outside Iraq. So, the only way to deposit or withdraw funds from your account is to go to the nearest agent.

How to Upload Funds to Your AsiaHawala Account?

To use your account on AsiaHawala wallet, you need to charge it with some funds by one of the following options:

Find an agent!

Visiting one of the AsiaHawala agents, give him your phone number and the recharge amount in cash.

Sending money via Asia Hawala

Send the amount from your Visa or Mastercard to your mobile wallet.

Receiving money!

Receive transfers from your loved ones. It is worth noting that users can send/ receive transfers from AsiaHawala users and ZainCash users.

As we have previously indicated, all transactions on the Asia Hawala Kurdish wallet need 24 hours to be processed and confirmed.

What Are the Types of Asia Hawala Wallets?

There are three different types of Asia Hawala wallets. They don’t differ on services and options. Instead, they have varying transaction limits and diverge subscription ways. Next, we will run through the features of each type.

1. Asia Hawala Lite Wallet

The lite wallet can be activated by dialling *212# and following the instructions. The maximum amount that you can stock up on this wallet is 1,00,000 IQD. Also, it is available for only two months after subscription, before this period ends, the user must upgrade to the standard or premium wallet, or otherwise, the wallet will be suspended.

2. Standard Wallet

Any Iraqi citizen or foreigner who resides in Iraq can obtain the standard wallet by going to the nearest agent with his personal documents and completing the registration process. The maximum threshold for the standard wallet is 20 million IQD monthly. This wallet can be active for unlimited time.

3. The premium Wallet

Asia Hawaii premium wallet is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large-scale projects. Depending on the type and nature of your business, you can get a banking service that suits your specific requirements. You can access the Premium Wallet via the app or through the web-based platform. The premium wallet offers many tools to help you manage your spending, including transaction reports, bulk payroll, financial reports, and other features. It is worth noting that you can get this wallet only by visiting one of the service branches.

AsiaHawala Administration Fees

Compared to FastPay and ZainCash, the fees for services provided by AsiaHawala are significantly low. Money transfers are subject to fees of 0.025% only regardless of the transaction amount. In addition, the withdrawal transactions have fees of 1%, while adding funds to your account is free of any charges.

AsiaHawala VS. Zain Cash

AsiaHawala wallet has many in common with Zain Cash. Both wallets depend mainly on smartphone apps. They allow users to make money transfers, buy goods and services offline or online. In addition, they offer various solutions and options for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Moreover, you can quickly transfer money from your bank account to your wallet on Zain Cash or AsiaHawala.

However, Zain Cash Wallet outperforms Asia Hawala by offering a prepaid card that you can use freely on websites that accept MasterCard and ATMs inside and outside Iraq

The current price of a prepaid Zain cash card (Wallet Card) is 17,500 Iraqi dinars.

On various occasions, the company offers discounts and sells it for 15 thousand dinars or less. The base currency of this card is US dollars. So, users can make deposits and withdrawals online freely. However, note that it doesn’t accept currency conversions.

The Zain Cash app allows users to use the QR code to make payments to other people, but this feature is unavailable in Asia Hawala.

Recently, Zain Iraq announced that it can be activated on any Iraqi SIM. However, it is worth noting that you can only activate one wallet on the same number at a time. so, for example, if you have an Asia Hawaii wallet on your phone line, you can’t activate the Zain Cash wallet on the same mobile number.

How to Use Asia Hawala Kurdish on Online Casinos & Sports Betting Sites?

Since AsiaHawala is a local Iraqi wallet, it is not available in many online casinos and sports betting sites. However, you can use it on Betfinal! This site is the best in Iraq for both casino games and sports betting options. Betfinal supports Arabic, English, and Kurdish languages. So, you will be able to browse it in your native language and enjoy a localized gambling experience! In addition, the professional support team speaks these languages fluently, and you can get in touch with them through many channels, including live chat, email, and hotline.

It is safe to say that Betfinal is fully customized to Iraqi players as it takes Iraqi Dinar, accepts Fast-Pay, Asia Hawala, and Zain Cash.

In terms of bonuses, promos, and limited-time offers, Betfinal offers many offers available to all new and loyal players.

You can bet on more than 30 global sports, including football, tennis, horse racing, volleyball, handball, and many other sports. In addition, you can bet on the eSports contests like Dota2, FIFA, and Counter-Strike.

The casino section contains numerous slots, table games, and live dealer options powered by top tier gaming providers like Microgaming, NetEnt, NextGen, and Evolution Gaming.

How to Make Deposits/ Withdrawals on Betfinal by AsiaHawala?

To make your payments on Betfinal by Asia Hawaii, you need to follow these steps:

  • Click on Betfinal link.
  • Click on the sign up tab and fill in the registration form with your personal details.
  • Then, you will be redirected to the cashier section, where you can choose AsiaHawala.
  • Enter your phone number linked to the wallet, choose your preferred currency, and enter the deposit amount.
  • Choose between the casino welcome bonus series or the sports betting deposit bonus.

If you’re lucky and managed to amass some profits, you can withdraw them to your AsiaHawala account in the same way.


When all is said and done, you can depend on Asiahawala to organize and manage all your online and offline payments! This wallet offers three subscription plans for individuals, merchants, and businessmen. You can use it to make seamless transfers, receive salary, shopping, pay for domestic utility bills, recharge your phone’s credit, and make deposits and withdrawals at online casinos and sports betting sites.

1. What Are the Asia Hawala Wallet?

Asia Hawala is a fast, reliable, cheap Iraqi mobile wallet that you can activate easily if you have a smartphone run with an Asia Hawala SIM card.

2. How to Activate This Wallet?

Dial *211#, then follow the instructions.

3. What Are the Casinos that Accept AsiaHawala?

At the current time, the best Iraqi casino that accepts AsiaHawala is Betfinal