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Bitcoin and other cryptos are the hottest trend in the online gambling industry as well as the online payment industry. Bitcoin and its cousins offer all you wish, they offer high returns for speculators and investors. protect you completely from payment fraud. allow instant transactions without the interference of the banks or any authority. Also, they secure your personal data completely and offer you unrivaled privacy. Although most digital currencies require fees on transactions, they are significantly low in comparison with fiat currencies transactions.

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Since that virtual currencies get huge popularity recently, more and more online casinos and bookies accept them and offer their users a wide package of bonuses and promos that you can use to get more winning chances and play for more time without making more deposits.

Nevertheless, picking the best Bitcoin casino can be a challenging task for newbies and players who don’t have experience with Bitcoin and its forked currencies. Below are crucial criteria that a good crypto casino must meet, you can use these principles to review the available casinos yourself or take the easiest way and choose a casino from our recommendations. All the crypto casinos that we recommend on this portal are tested thoroughly by our experts.

  • The casino license – The license proves that the Bitcoin casino operates legally under a known authority that has been tested to make sure that all players get a fair gameplay experience there. With every new innovation in the online gambling industry, casinos face a new regulatory challenge. Currently, many countries, such as the United Kingdom, do not recognize cryptocurrencies, so it is impossible to find a British casino that accepts these currencies! On the other hand, jurisdictions such as Curaçao and Gibraltar have recognized them and license bitcoin casinos without obstacles!
  • Security protocols – The reputable site should have an active SSL certificate to create a secure link between the player’s device and the casino’s server and prevent any unauthorized intervention. Fortunately, all players can check this standard easily by looking to see if the Bitcoin casino’s URL starts with the word (HTTPS) and if there is a padlock sign. Note that if this padlock is struck with a red mark, this indicates that the site’s SSL certificate doesn’t active and your connection isn’t secure. This protocol is the backbone of the internet as it guarantees the safe sending of personal data, logins, and transactions.
  • The Bitcoin casino’s design – the human needs only 7 seconds to create an impression about something. The reputable companies know this fact. So, they develop neat, sleek, and clean designs for their platforms. Besides being eye-comfortable, the casino’s structure should be responsive, user-friendly, and compatible with all mobile devices.
  • Casino Bonuses – On average, the crypto casinos offer more bonuses than regular casinos, simply because of the high conversion rates of digital currencies. The worthy casino should offer a massive welcome bonus to attract new players. Also, it should give loyal customers a set of ongoing offers and limited-time promos.
  • Customer Care – Although that all players want to enjoy their Bitcoin casino experience without hindrances, bad things sometimes happen! Therefore, the reputable crypto casino must have an un-stop support service which you can contact through many venues such as live chat, hotline number, and email messaging.
  • Payment methods – the worthy Bitcoin casino should offer a wide array of payment methods that include banking cards, E-Wallets, crypto gates etcetc. Also, it must process transactions rapidly and have flexible deposit and withdrawal limits.

If the casino has these basic principles then it will be worthy of your participation, you may also have special requirements, for example, table and card games, offering a downloadable app, lotto offerings, and other criteria. So, make sure that the casino meets all your demands before create a new account.

Why You Should Turn to Bitcoin Betting Site?

Why You Should Turn to Bitcoin Betting Site?

Most online punters are fond of Bitcoin casinos because they offer creative games, lucrative bonuses, keep privacy, and offer speedy transactions. Below we have reviewed the most important advantages of using digital coins in the bitcoin betting site.

1.    Decentralization

Decentralization is the basic feature of all digital currencies which allow users to make peer-to-peer transactions without the intervention of any third party. This means that you will be upload funds and withdraw winnings you managed to amass from online casinos without being watched by banks or the government! Quite often, players from many countries around the world complain about banks freeze their accounts after getting a massive prize from an online casino. Certainly, you don’t want to experience this issue and be deprived of your winnings! So, you can choose to cash out your funds by BTC or any other altcoin.

2.    Little to No Fees

Any bank or E-Wallet aims to make money. Therefore, they charge high commissions on all transactions they carry. This means that your withdrawals and deposits will be associated with fees ranges from 1% to 5%. Further to this, you may be charged more fees if you made a currency conversion. On the other hand, digital currencies charge little to no fees on your transactions. So, you will be able to play with the exact amount you have deposited and get the full amount of your payouts. Without a doubt, more money meaning more joy!

3.    Easier Verification Process

Crypto casinos will ask you to verify your account by sending photocopies of your personal documents. However, as for verifying the ownership of the used payment method, you only need to take a screenshot of the personal page of the crypto wallet you use. On the contrary, when using a debit or credit card you should take photos for the front and back of the card with hiding 8 middle digits on the card’s face and the CVV code. Many players are afraid of this procedure and refuse to verify their accounts! Nevertheless, when using a virtual currency, you will not be asked to expose any of your financial data; just forward a screenshot of your account page on the crypto gate you use.

4.    Accepted Worldwide

the main concept of digital currencies is democratic access to products and services around the globe! If you reside in a country where gambling activities are illegal, you can access your favourite casino games, sports betting options, and lotto contests and pay for your bets with BTC or its digital cousins. Either banks and governments can’t monitor or control your transactions. Likewise, they can’t deprive you of enjoying online gambling!

5.    Anonymity

As we previously reported, BTC and other altcoins hide your data and secure them completely. When making a transaction, the amount and beneficiary wallet ID only will be shown in your account statement. Further to this, your crypto transactions at online casinos and sports betting sites will never be listed on your bank account statement.

What Are the Disadvantages of Using Bitcoin at Online Casinos?

What Are the Disadvantages of Using Bitcoin at Online Casinos?

As with everything else in life, Bitcoin casino has advantages and disadvantages. To clarify the whole picture, below we have covered the downsides of using cryptocurrencies which you should know before utilizing a virtual currency in an online casino.

1.    No Customer Support

The most significant disadvantage of using altcoins at online casinos is that most crypto gates don’t offer customer support. So, you need to find your way without getting any assistance. Some gates offer detailed and handy FAQ sections which can offer answers to the general question. However, if you run into a technical glitch, you will struggle to resolve it! The point of don’t offer a support service is that the wallet provider or the crypto gate have no influence on blockchain technology and nobody other than you can access your wallet and see its transactions statement. Further to this, If you are unlucky and fall victim to your account being stolen, it will be virtually impossible to recover the stolen funds, thus all crypto wallets reaffirm using strong, tall, and complex passwords.

2.    No Reversals

Very limited times you may have to chargeback your casino balance to your e-wallet account, but unfortunately, cryptocurrencies do not support reversals! Also, at the unreputable casinos, you may make a deposit but it doesn’t reflect in your account directly. In such a case, you can’t do anything but wait. Even if you asked the support service, they will tell you to wait, remember that nobody can help you with any blockchain issue! This is yet another reason why you should sign up for a reliable and reputable casino like operators we recommend on our portal!

3.    Volatility

As you know, of course, prices of Bitcoin and other digital currencies are very volatile simply because they are free of central banks and governments control. Among other factors that cause coins prices fluctuation is the speculation of investors which cause a sudden influx or outgo of cryptos, making their prices go high or drop significantly over short periods! On the flip side, you can benefit from the digital currencies’ fluctuation by buying them when their prices get decreased, and then, convert them to fiat cash when their prices rise.

4.    Crypto Bonuses Aren’t Useful!

Although casinos promote very lucrative bonuses for crypto deposits, these rewards come in unrealistic wagering requirements which isn’t limited to the bonus funds only, but include the deposit amount also! For example, if you make a deposit of 0.5 BTC and get a matching 100% bonus, you will have a total of 1 BTC on your balance to play with, and let’s assume that the playthrough requirements are 60x. This means that you need to make a profit of 60 Bitcoin to transfer your winnings to the cashable balance. Certainly, you can’t! Simply because the house wins in the long run, and the more you play, the more you will lose. So, you should check the rollover requirements before accepting the offer. In case you found it madly high, refuse the offer and use your deposits funds only, thus you have a chance to get cashable winnings!

How to Stay Safe While Playing at Bitcoin Online Casino?

Bitcoin and other digital currencies are decentralized and completely safe, protects you from government and tax tracking. Also, your crypto wallet can’t be hacked or robbed in case you set a complex password and activated the two-step verification option. Playing at a bitcoin online casino is one of the safest ways to enjoy virtual gambling without any obstacles. However, there are some factors that you should take into consideration to have an enjoyable and hassle-free gaming experience.

1.    Selecting a Reputable Casino

Obviously, the only way to enjoy a high-quality and safe gaming experience is to join a trusted casino that operates with a license issued by a known European Authority, offers various promos with reasonable terms, features a comprehensive gaming package, have a 24/7 customer service that you can contact through several channels, and supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

2.    Set a Strong & Unique Password

It seems like usual advice, but it is essential; Every time you sign up for a new site or online service, you must compose a strong, complex, and unpredictable password. Some players skip this rule thinking that they can’t be targeted. However, online scammers target almost every internet user and they use special software to make the task far easier, as the keylogger app that detects and records every keyboard stroke the user makes to obtain his confidential info and passwords.
The more unique, long, and complex codes you use, the more difficult it will be for fraudulent software to discover your sensitive data. The password you choose must have the following characteristics:
– 8 /12 characters long
– Use at least one upper case
– Use some symbols like (# – $ – % – ^)
– Try to not make the password like an understandable word like (Tree12Followers). This makes the password easy to decode by hackers, rather try to combine different letters and numbers like (RHdw54jfssfd).
Needless to say that you shouldn’t share your password with anyone, even your partner! Some players allow their partners or friends to play on the casino using their accounts. However, all online casinos reject this practice and may close your account at any time.

3. Ignore Scamming Messages

On the Trustpilot and Ask Gamblers websites, there are a lot of comments of players about being scammed by receiving messages claiming to be from the casino and asking them to sign in to their account immediately to get a massive no deposit bonus or to update their info urgently unless their accounts will be frozen. These phishing scam messages are very common on the internet where the sender impersonate another party and asks the victim to click on the link within the message or download the attached file. These messages come in a form of the temptation of getting a bonus or threat of losing the account. If you get such a message, don’t click on any link or download any file. The correct way to deal with these messages is to report them to the authorities immediately! If you suspect the casino is the sender, you can take a screenshot of the message and forward it to them via live chat.
How do hackers get victims’ emails? The simple answer is cryptocurrency exchanges in which sellers and buyers share their emails with the public in each new ad they place.

4. Choose a Safe Storage

There are two types of crypto wallets; hot wallet and cold wallet. The first type is very handy and suitable for everyday use, while the second one is more secure but not very usable. So, choose the suitable one for you, or even use the hot wallet for daily transactions and keep the large balance in the cold wallet.

Most Popular Coins in Bitcoin Iraq Casinos

As you might know, Bitcoin isn’t the only available crypto at online casinos! In April 2021, there were over 10,000 coins are being circulated on the web! Of course, each digital coin has special advantages that make it stands out from the others. Below is a quick run-through of the most prominent Bitcoin alternatives available at bitcoin Iraq casinos.

1.    Bitcoin

Bitcoin, also known as BTC, initiated the crypto revolution when it was launched in 2009. Since it is the most popular digital currency in the world, its current price has reached $48,061 at the time of writing this guide. Although it is not the fastest cryptocurrency, it has its own decentralized system and its network serves itself. Due to the very high value of bitcoin, it is broken into smaller units called “Micro Bitcoin” which is also known as mBTC and millibitcoin. The 1 Micro Bitcoin equals 0.001 bitcoins.

2.    Ethereum

Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world right after Bitcoin. In fact, Ethereum isn’t only a coin, but it is a dedicated open-source blockchain platform that developers can use to create business, financial, and entertainment apps. So, users can conduct their transactions directly without middlemen involved. The current price for a single unit of ETH is $3,525.41. Like the BTC, Ethereum can be broken into smaller units. ETH outperforms BTC in terms of the transfer speed and associated fees. Also, its price is significantly lower than its older cousin’s.

3.    Bitcoin Cash

As the name suggests, Bitcoin Cash is a fork of the original Bitcoin currency. It was developed to overcome the Bitcoin shortcomings like long transaction times, low limit of available units, the difficulty of using, and high prices. Now, this coin price is $650.75 and it is widely accepted in many online casinos and sports betting sites.

4.    Litecoin

Launched in 2011, Bitcoin is a spinoff and altcoin of Bitcoin. This currency shares some traits with Bitcoin, but it has a higher coin limit, faster, shorter rapid block generation time, and lower fees. On top of these features, Litecoin has the cheapest price among all cryptocurrencies which is $185.02 only.

Besides making transactions in online casinos and sports betting sites, you can use Litecoin to transfer funds to other users, make online purchases, and even invest your savings.


All things considered, cryptocurrencies are the securest and handiest transaction method at online casinos and sports betting sites. By using any of these coins, you will be able to make your gambling transactions without intermediary parties like banks or credit cards companies. Also, there is no authority that will be able to block or monitor your deposits and withdrawals. There are more than 10,000 coins available on the web at the current time, each one comes with special features. So, you can choose the most suitable one for your need and playing style.

Remember to choose a reliable crypto casino that accepts your favourite coins, holds licenses from well-known online gambling authorities and features a large game package!

1. Does Bitcoin Casino Safe?

Yes, each bitcoin casino is safer from regular online casinos as it doesn’t ask you to share your credit/ debit card data. Thus, your transactions will never be recorded on your bank account statement or monitored by any authority. Certainly, these features give you unparalleled freedom to enjoy your favourite gambling activities online.

2. How to Get Bitcoin?

There are several ways to buy Bitcoin; you can buy it through a crypto exchange gate or a local broker. Also, you can deposit cash in an e-wallet and convert it to Bitcoin or any altcoin. In addition, you can place a cryptocurrency order in a marketplace online platform.

3. Do Crypto Transactions Have Fees?

Most of the online casinos require no fees for your crypto deposits and withdrawals, but some exchangers and brokerages require administration fees over your transactions. However, note that the crypto network will also require a small fee of 0.01 BTC on every transaction you make.

4. What Are the Available Bonuses at Bitcoin Betting Site?

Exactly like regular online casinos, the Bitcoin betting site offers all kinds of bonuses, starting from the welcome offer to reload bonuses, free spins, VIP schemes, and no deposit bonus. But note that all these bonuses are associated with a set of terms and conditions that you should follow before the offer’s validity time ends.