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The first step you need to take to play at online casinos and sports betting sites is to make natural money deposits! Then you can place your bets and feel like the luckiest person on earth (when you win your bets). Likewise, when you make profits, you will withdraw them to your payment method and hope that the funds will be reflected quickly in your bank account. So, you can feel the real joy of winning! Certainly, you don’t want to make this experience let you down because of the long processing time or the high fees. So, you must use a smooth and safe payment method that allows you to cash in & out your funds quickly, seamlessly, and safely. For that, PayPal wallet has become increasingly popular among online casino players.

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PayPal is the oldest, most used, and the securest E-Wallet. You can use it to transfer money to other beneficiaries locally or globally, make online purchases, pay for apps and in-game premium content, and receive your salary. In addition, PayPal offers special services for merchants and business owners. PayPal Wallet can be linked to credit cards, debit cards, purchasing cards, and salary cards. Recently, this wallet has been focusing more on the Middle East countries, especially Iraq, because digital payments in these countries are still not widespread enough like Asian countries and European countries and the competition with other brands is limited.

PayPal has a set of crucial features that outperforms all other digital wallets. For example, it offers instantaneous transactions, deducts low fees, wide acceptance on the Internet, a clean and tidy web-based interface, a mobile app compatible with IOS and Android devices, and the support of all spoken languages.

The Wallet History


Paypal wallet dates back to 1998; considering that the Internet was made available for public use in 1995, PayPal was a revolutionary innovation at the time! Initially, the wallet’s name was “”, but it was rebranded in 2001 to be “PayPal”. In 2002, eBay acquired the first wallet ever with a really exorbitant price of $1,5 billion!

The year 2003 witnessed an unpleasant event for the gambling industry as PayPal was prohibited by all payments authorities worldwide from cooperating with online gambling portals.

In 2010, the UK opened the way by allowing PayPal gambling transactions for its citizens but only on the licensed portals. Then, Canada, the USA, and other countries did the same.

At the current time, you can use PayPal to make gambling transactions in two conditions, namely:

  • If the financial authority in your country accepts PayPal.
  • If you find a worthy online casino that accept PayPal casino transactions from your country.

Using PayPal Iraq at Online Casinos

As already mentioned, PayPal wallet is available at a minimal selection of online casinos and sports betting sites licensed in the UK, USA and Canada only. If you are not a resident of one of these countries, you will not be able to use PayPal to make your deposits and withdrawals at online casinos and sports betting sites. So, it will be better to consider an alternative option, such as Fast Pay, Nass Pay, or Zain Cash.

How to Create an Account on PayPal?

PayPal is a digital service, so you don’t have to go anywhere to open a new account or make your deposit, all you have to do is follow these steps only:

Go to the PayPal website.

Click on the sign-up option.

Choose between a personal account or a business account. There is no difference between these options in terms of fees or the way of use. However, the business account will grant you higher limits and more flexibility to pay and get paid from users online and outside your country.

After that, select your country/ region.

Enter your phone number.

Enter the OTP code which is sent to your mobile phone.

After that you will be directed to the sign-up form which asks you for some initial data and personal info.

Remember always to enter accurate, updates, and true data.

Then, the wallet will ask you to link your bank card with your account.

It is better to use Visa with the wallet as it offers you more flexibility in making deposits, withdrawals, and transfers.

The wallet will conduct a small transaction of 1$ or 2$ to ensure that your card is usable and working well.

Then, you will be able to start using your account, but note that your first transactions will be processed in a slightly long times. However, all your next transactions will be done in several minutes.

Why Use PayPal While You Can Use Bank Card?

PayPal, and other E-Wallets, allow you to make transactions without sharing your card’s data. This feature is significant to avoid identity theft and fraud. In general, if you find a PayPal logo on the bottom of a website, you can rest assured that this place is safe for your financial and personal data.

Even if all the website’s servers are hacked, and its data is stolen, the hackers will not be able to access your sensitive data; Because you did not use your bank card in the first place! Moreover, there is no transaction that will be done on your PayPal account without your prior confirmation, and the wallet does not support automatic payments, which is the main problem of the banking cards. For example, if your bank card is stolen, the thief may be able to transact before you can block the card, but this is not the case with PayPal.

In addition, it is not wise to throw your bank card details at every website you make purchases on. Scammers use innovative ways and methods to gain access to your money. For example, they launch platforms similar to the site on which you make your transactions to urge you to enter your bank card data, and then they can steal this data and make purchases and sales through it. But, of course, because you do not want to go through this scenario! So, it is better to use a PayPal wallet or any similar e-wallet!

PayPal Casino: Benefits & Pitfalls

PayPal casino has some great features, but there are some shortcomings as well. It is essential to know all these points before adopting it to make your payments online.


  • It is ccepted at more than reputable 700,000 websites.
  • Available in more than 200 countries.
  • Uses by 200M user around the globe.
  • Support 25 currencies.
  • Allow you to make transactions overorders.
  • User friendly and offer a web-based platform and an app that you can download through Google Play and the App store.
  • Enjoy robust reputation.
  • Fees are reasonable.
  • You can connect it to your bank card easily and rapidly. 
  • Instantaneous transactions.
  • Responsive customer support service which is available on many languages.


  • Geographical restrictions: As previously mentioned, PayPal gambling transactions are allowed to a few countries only like the UK, USA, and Canada.
  • Many casinos don’t work with it: In general, if the casino doesn’t work in the markets of the UK, USA, and Canada, it will not be allowed to integrate PayPal. However, this isn’t a real disadvantage, whether on PayPal or the casino! PayPal is enabled only to accept casinos that hold specific licenses only.
  • High fees in comparison with Neteller and Skrill. However, in exchange of that fees you get second to none security and protection.

What Are the PayPal Alternative Options?

If you want to use a payment method to deposits and withdraw at online casinos and sports betting sites in Iraq, there are a wide range of handy alternatives for PayPal, including:

  • Fast-Pay. This wallet is the first mobile wallet to be launched in Iraq. It allows you to make domestic transfers to family and friends, pay for your bills, receive money and gift cards, purchase virtual prepaid cards, shop online and offline, and make transactions at online casinos easily.
  • Nasspay. Although it is launched from relatively short time, it has gained huge popularity among Iraqi users thanks to its user-friendly app, high transactions limits, prepaid card, and easy registration process. You can use this wallet on many online casinos and sports betting sites.
  • Zain Cash. Launched in 2018, Zain Cash is the most recent mobile wallet among the Iraqi payment methods. Like the previous wallets, Zain Cash offers its users a handy mobile app that is completely free to use. You can activate this wallet if you have a Zain Iraq active SIM card and a smartphone only. You can use Zain Cash wallet to pay for travelling companies, charge your mobile credit, transfer funds, and make transfers.

1. Does PayPal Available on Iraqi Online Casinos?

No, you can’t use PayPal on Iraqi gambling sites. So, you should consider another wallet like Fast-Pay, Nasspay, or Zain Cash.

2. What Are the Transaction Fees of Paypal?

The transaction fees of the wallet vary, but they don’t exceed 5% on most payments.

3. How to Use PayPal Iraq Online?

You can use the wallet on non-gambling transactions like shopping online, purchasing goods and services and transfer money to other users.