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ان السلطة المحلية في العراق تمنع ممارسة القمار في البلاد بأي شكل من الأشكال وذلك لان العراق بلد إسلامي يخضع لتعاليم الشريعة الأسلامية . لذلك لجئ المقامرون الى استخدام الشبكات الأفتراضية (في بي ان) التي تعمل على حجب هوية اللاعب وبذلك لا تتمكن السلطة المحلية من كشف هوية المستخدم . وتقدم هذه الشبكات خدمات عديدة وتضم مجموعة من الألعاب التقليدية منها الروليت ، البوكر ، السلوتس وغيرها من الألعاب .

Best Casinos (VPN) in Iraq

Spin Casino

The casino first opened its doors in 2001 and offers a variety of classic games such as poker, slots, and live broadcasting games. There are 600 games in all at this casino. The site is also available in Arabic and is ICOGRA-licensed, as well as being distinguished by honesty and integrity.

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200% up to $3000
200% up to$3000
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100% up to $2000
100% up to$2000
888 Casino
250% up to €230
250% up to€230
YYY Casino
100% up to $500
100% up to$500
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Jackpot City Casino

Jackpot City Casino, which was founded in 1998 and is regulated by the Maltese government, is known for its trustworthiness and honesty. It has a large number of games and accepts a variety of payment options, including Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Skrill, and others.

Royal Vegas Casino

The company was founded in 2001 and is licensed by the Maltese government and ECOGRA. The site is also known for its honesty and ethics, as well as a variety of games.

Platinum Play Casino

It was founded in 2004 and features a variety of conventional and live broadcasting games. You can pay using e-wallets, credit cards, or bank transfers. A technical support staff is available to connect with players.

Why Do Players Prefer VPN Iraq Online Casinos?

Because of the hardships that the Iraqi people have faced, as well as the long-term cycle of warfare, the Iraqi people have developed a desire to participate in betting games in order to relieve stress, have fun, and break up the monotony of their lives. There are a number of other factors to consider, including:

Fun and entertainment:

Due to the number and variety of games available on gambling sites in Iraq, Iraqi players have a high demand for betting sites since they find them entertaining and exciting, as they spend the majority of their time betting.


The player receives a welcome bonus on his first deposit, which is worth twice as much as his first investment. Other bonuses, including as VIP loyalty bonuses and free spins, are available at Iraqi casinos. Bonuses are given out by casinos on occasion.

Earning Profits:

By betting on certain games at Iraqi casinos, the player may earn money without exerting any effort or tiredness. And most casinos are known for their trustworthiness and honesty.

Quick Financial Transactions:

The casino accepts a variety of secure payment options, including Visa, Skrill, MasterCard, Paypal, Intro Pay, and others, to ensure that the player’s funds are safe and that transactions are completed quickly.

Safer Play:

In Iraq, a player can wager at any time and from anywhere using his mobile device or computer in perfect anonymity and security, without the intervention of the government. These casinos also employ great and robust encryption technologies to safeguard the personal information of its customers.

The problems facing the Iraqi player to access the casinos

Given that Iraq is Islamic and prohibits gambling on the ground, the bettor faces jail or a fine if the authorities discovers his wager.

There were gambling casinos on the ground in Iraq in the past, but due to the wars that ravaged the nation and the change of regimes, most of them were shuttered, with the exception of the Sulaymaniyah Casino in Sulaymaniyah.

Furthermore, the state places difficulties in the way of online casinos, as it seeks to restrict these sites, making them harder to access.

Overview of (VPN) casinos in Iraq

Due to the restriction on betting casinos in Iraq, Iraqi players resort to utilizing a virtual network (VPN) to circumvent the ban and play safely and entirely anonymously without the knowledge of the government, so avoiding the fines imposed on them as a result of betting in online casinos. Casino (VPN) is one of the casinos that encrypts the data of its players using a robust encryption technique. In addition, this form of casino provides extremely efficient services. It communicates with smart phones using high-quality, well-organized platforms. It also offers a round-the-clock technical support service, as well as connecting with electronic banks to enable safe payment ways.

How virtual networks (VPN) work

These networks function in a professional way, mirroring the techniques employed by Internet criminals to avoid falling prey to casino gamers. The Iraqi authorities are also striving to monitor any online betting activity using the IP address of the user of mobile and tablet devices, so that they may identify the bettor’s identity and penalize him.

As a result, gamblers have turned to virtual networks (VPNs), which function by masking the bettor’s or mobile user’s real address with a false one generated by a private server from a global network of servers. As a result, the Iraqi authorities are unable to determine his identification.

There are also free virtual networks, but their security % does not comparable to that of adjacent virtual networks, therefore the bettor must select a paid network to be secure.

How to play from Iraq using Virtual Networks (VPN)?

To enjoy playing from Iraq, you must first select a virtual network, then download the application on your device, register the name of the country you want, and then register by opening a new account, entering your personal information and making the first deposit, after which the money will be transferred to your account in the casino.

How to play online from Iraq using VPN networks

If you are a new player with little expertise in betting and the game, we have listed the most crucial elements that you must follow in order to enjoy a safe bet and gain more money in a fully secret manner.


You must select a virtual network (VPN) in order to access the casino through the Internet, using the application store or Google engine, then verify the network’s services from protection, privacy, and encryption programs, and then download the application on your device.


After installing the VPN on your device, you will register the name of the desired country, and the virtual network will provide you with a new electronic identity while concealing your true identity, resulting in a large number of casinos appearing in front of you from which you can select the best.


After you’ve decided on a casino, make a new account, input your personal information with the username, and the site will email you a code.


Deposit money into your casino account by providing your personal information and the details for the payment type you want to use, then pressing Continue. The funds will be deposited to your casino account, and you will be able to begin playing immediately.

The most important virtual networks that can be used in casinos in Iraq

Cyber Ghost:

This virtual network has 6000 servers and operates in 90 countries. It also allows the user to try it out for free for one month and at a minimal cost.

Express VPN:

You may wager on them at any time and from any location because they operate in 90 countries and through 3000 servers.

Surf Shark:

It has 800 servers and works in 50 countries. It has an outstanding encryption mechanism that allows you to play in total privacy.

VPN Private:

It operates in 59 countries with 150 servers and allows you to bet with total secrecy and great security.

الأسألة الشائعة

Does the Iraqi government prevent gambling in Iraq?

Yes, because Iraq is an Islamic country subject to Islamic law, the Iraqi authorities prohibit betting in the country.

What are the best virtual casinos available to play from Iraq?

There are five virtual networks available to play and they are Private VPN, Surf Shark, Xpress VPN, Cyber ​​Ghost, Nord VPN.

What is the work of virtual networks (VPN)?

Virtual networks work to lift the ban on banned casinos in the country, and also work to hide the user’s address and replace it with another fake address.