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The Republic of Iraq is a federal parliamentary republic, consisting of eighteen governorates officially and nineteen after the accession of Halabja governorate, the fourth governorate in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, and the nineteenth in Iraq.
The capital of Iraq, Baghdad, is located in western Asia and overlooks the Arabian Gulf. From the south, Iraq takes Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from north Turkey, from west Syria and Jordan, and from east Iran.

Formerly known as Mesopotamia, the home of the world’s oldest civilizations, Iraq’s history spans more than 10,000 years. The emergence and development of this civilization were associated with the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, where the first agricultural villages such as Assyria and Babylon were founded on their banks. Iraq’s currency is the “Iraqi dinar” and the official language is Arabic, and it is also Kurdish and Syriac.

Erbil city:

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تحميل أكثر
تحميل أكثر

Erbil is one of the most important Iraqi cities, and it is the official capital of the Kurdistan region. It is also called the summer capital of Iraq. It is distinguished as one of the ancient cities in which life has not been interrupted since its inception, and it is one of the ancient cities.

Erbil depends for its economy on agriculture and industry, and it has a large number of agricultural lands that produce many crops, the most important of which are barley, wheat, corn, and vegetables. Which includes a large number of archaeological and tourist sites and parks, as well as two major universities: “Salah al-Din University and the University of Koyabila”.

Iraq’s climate:

The climate of Iraq is divided into three types:

The climate of Iraq is divided into three types:

Iraq’s natural resources:

Tigris and Euphrates:

The Tigris and Euphrates rivers and their tributaries are a basic water resource for the Republic of Iraq, and the importance of this water system is that it provides fresh water for the population, agriculture, and animal husbandry.

Natural gas:

Iraq’s production of natural gas in 2020 November amounted to about 2.4 billion cubic feet per day, according to an announcement by the Iraqi Oil Ministry.

In December 2019, the General Company for Gas Filling and Services revealed a ministerial plan to raise the volume of gas investment associated with oil production operations to 16 thousand tons per day during the next three years, emphasizing that production at that time was up to 6 thousand tons.

The Iraqi Oil Ministry had announced last October that 60% of the associated gas was invested, with its great hope that Iraq would reach good numbers in gas investment in 2024.


Iraq is the second-largest producer of crude in the “OPEC” organization after Saudi Arabia, with a daily average of 4.6 million barrels, and it depends on crude to provide more than 90% of its revenues. According to data from the Iraqi Oil Ministry on Sunday, Iraq’s crude exports rose to 2.876 million barrels per day in October 2020.

Based on this rise, in April of the last year 2020, the “OPEC +” alliance reached an agreement to make oil production cuts of 9.7 million barrels per day, in order to restore balance to crude prices in global markets. Indeed, production was reduced to 7.7 million barrels per day from the beginning of August until the end of 2020.

Farming :

The agricultural sector in Iraq is witnessing great growth and prosperity. The Iraqi Minister of Agriculture, “Mohammed Karim Al-Khafaji,” announced last year that Iraq had achieved self-sufficiency for the first time in its history with a large number of agricultural products.

An Iraqi official in the Ministry of Agriculture confirmed that Iraq is preparing to export about one million tons of barley from last year’s production for the first time outside the country, after achieving a surplus in the crop.

As for Iraqi dates, they witnessed a decline in demand after the spread of Iranian wrapped dates in the Iraqi markets, and although foreign dates are prohibited from importing, Iranian dates still enter illegally through land border crossings.

industry in Iraq

Industries in Iraq are related to the petroleum industry and the petroleum refining, fertilizer industry, and chemical industries are the main industries in the country.

Types of industries in Iraq:

Extractive industries: industries that depend on the extraction of petroleum and natural gas, in addition to minerals and phosphates.

Manufacturing industries include:

Food industries: such as the dairy industry, although the production of these factories is not sufficient for only 15% of the state’s needs, the oil industries and there are 4 factories, three of them in Baghdad and one in the Al-Amarah area; These factories produce edible oils of all kinds, which are made from sunflower seeds, but the level of production remains weak compared to oils imported from Turkey and Iran. The sugar industry is in addition to the canning industry, the beverage industry, and water filter factories.

Textile and leather industries:

Such as the manufacture of cotton, woolen, and silk spinning and weaving, as well as the manufacture of leather, carpets, rugs, and ready-made clothes.
Chemical industries: It is one of the medium-important industries and includes petrochemicals (the liquefied gas industry and refining). The chemical fertilizer industry, of which there are only two factories in Iraq, in addition to the manufacture of cleaning materials, glass, paper, and pharmaceutical industries.

Building materials industries: such as the cement industry, which is classified as one of the strongest and oldest industries in Iraq. There are many cement factories in most of the Iraqi governorates, Kinnawi and Basra.

Gambling and betting laws in Iraq

Considering that Iraq is an Islamic country, it is like any other country governed by Islamic Sharia laws that prohibit betting, gambling, and even racing. Therefore, all types of betting and gambling in Iraq are illegal and prohibited and those who engage in it are punished with fines and sometimes with imprisonment.

There are no licensed and legal casinos in Iraq, and all gambling halls that existed previously have been closed, and what remains, if any, is illegal. The judgment on the owners of these casinos is harsher and the criminalization is greater.

Laws prohibit gambling on land and may be more lenient for websites. Therefore, the practice of gambling in the State of Iraq is very difficult. However, Iraqi gamblers turned to online casinos to practice their hobby, helped by the presence of famous and guaranteed casino sites.

Software and game companies

Iraq casinos use the largest software companies in the world for their games and programs, including:

Evolution Gaming was founded in 2006. It has 3 studios in Romania, Matvia, and Malta. It offers roulette, poker, and live casino games.

Play Tech was founded in 1999. It has 3 operating studios in Latvia, the Philippines, and Romania, offering a wide range of casino games including European and American Roulette.

Microgaming: It is a huge software company that was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in the Isle of Man. She is the first to launch the Jackpot. It has also launched more than 225 mobile games.

Online casino sites in Iraq

Online casino sites in Iraq

There are many online casinos that welcome Iraqi players and offer them special features.

Considering that betting and gambling are prohibited on Iraqi soil, Iraqis went to the sites of online casinos, especially as they exist and spread widely.

These casinos give Iraqi players many rewards and offers, but the Iraqi player must, as a matter of caution, make sure of the casino site through which he wants to gamble, whether it is licensed and legal, as a guarantee and protection for him from losing money and theft.

It is preferable if it is possible to verify the place from which the license was issued for the casino site that will be logged in. Among the best casinos are those that obtained their licenses from the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, and Alderney. The quality of services in these sites is high and some of the most famous gambling areas in the world

And if you see that the license has been obtained in Malta, Gibraltar, Oak Priest, and Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles), then you should not rush to make the final decision, not all gambling platforms that welcome players from Iraq in this category deserve a choice, and you should also check From the terms and conditions of their bonuses, quality of game graphics and customer support service, which is what the Iraq Online Casino provides.

As for the online casino sites registered in Central American countries, it is not recommended for them much, as the level is lower and the Iraqi player will not find what he aspires to there.

There are also currently Arab online casino sites that compete in their credibility, the quality of their games and the level of international sites.

Access to online casinos and sports betting sites

Access to online casinos and sports betting sites

Considering that there are restrictions and laws that prevent betting and gambling in Iraq, many ways have been found to facilitate the matter for players, by resorting to the use of “proxy”, which are applications to decrypt and block websites. With the presence of these methods, the player can enter the sites and bet with ease, in addition to the availability of sites and technicians who provide their services in order for the player to enter directly to the desired site without any obstacle.

As for the financial and banking aspect, direct financial transfers from banks to casinos are prohibited, but due to the openness of Arab countries to the Internet and dealing with them, the player can use his credit cards or e-wallet for transfer, deposit and withdrawal.

Safety and reliability in online casinos

There are several things that a gambler must take into account if he wants to gamble with safety and privacy, the most important of which is to make sure of the casino sites if they are real, and the percentage of safety in them. He must pay attention to some basic things, including:

A licensed casino relies for its financial dealings on credit cards and electronic wallets as means of payment, deposit and withdrawal.
During the withdrawal and deposit procedures, there must be an encryption service for the player’s personal information, which ensures the confidentiality of his information and prevents theft and hacking of his account.
If the procedures for withdrawing profits are easy and quick, this means that the casino is real. It takes a long time in unlicensed casinos, and these procedures are surrounded by ambiguity and suspicion.

It is also important to make sure that there is a customer service department and try to communicate with them before starting any registration on the casino site.

The player can see the evaluation and comments of the previous players on the site, which gives him the ability to form an idea of ​​the credibility and the level of quality.

Iraqi dinar in online casinos

Iraqi dinar in online casinos

It is expected that the Iraqi dinar will be accepted in online Iraq casinos soon for “gambling transactions” with the new services that will be launched via the Internet regarding casinos, but so far the Iraqi dinar is not accepted and the player must choose from the currencies that are available on the site and often the dollar US, Euro, and Pound Sterling. And there are some electronic wallets that directly authorize the base currency to the site.

Free Online Casinos

On the Internet, there are some free casinos that offer free credits and allow the player to make real profits and the aim is to promote themselves.

The most important thing that distinguishes free online casinos is that playing through them does not involve any risks and there is no need for the player to put any money deposits and at the same time when he achieves profits, he can transfer them to his account via the electronic wallet or the bank account.

Some casinos adopt this method to attract the largest possible number of active players who play through it constantly and then start offering the rest of the offers or services so that the player may become a real participant in the casino.

The idea is that the free casino gives the player earnings without making a deposit, with the aim of getting more players for the same casino.

Payment options in online casinos in Iraq

Payment options in online casinos in Iraq

There is more than one payment method in Iraq online casinos, including credit cards such as Visa or MasterCard, if the casino supports the player’s currency that the credit or direct debit card contains.

Or by using E-Wallets such as Pioneer, Skrill, PayPal, Nettler.

  -Master Card  

The MasterCard credit card is considered one of the most important credit cards approved around the world.

Paying by MasterCard card at the sites of online casinos Master Card Casinos is one of the most popular and preferred methods by Arab players and gamblers around the world.
Where the MasterCard card comes at the forefront of payment methods and financial transactions, especially that the MasterCard company has branches in many Arab countries, through which it provides payment services in online casinos and betting sites with complete safety, ease and absolute confidentiality.

The system of this card is famous for its high degree of security and privacy, which makes it the preferred choice for Arab players and gamblers.

-Visa Card

The Visa Card is used in international and Arab online casinos, and it is also one of the most famous credit cards in the world and the best way to transfer money through these sites.

Most players own the Visa Card because of the privacy and speed it offers in financial transactions within betting and gambling sites. With the spread of online betting and gambling sites in abundance and in the Arab countries, which numbered thousands of sites across the world, competition is therefore increasing among electronic financial payment companies.

Considering that the player prefers to deal with the casino that offers more services, facilities, and greater rewards, the casinos that deal with Visa Card for the player will also find a large choice of casinos and games.

Electronic wallets and banks

Pioneer wallet

A financial services company to pay and transfer money via the Internet-based in New York City. The user of the Payoneer electronic bank can send and receive money to his bank account or through the Payoneer electronic wallet. The company specializes in facilitating external payments for its user, as it handles approximately 150 local currencies including bank transfers, online payments, and debit card recharges.

Payoneer Bank is a payment method used by global companies such as Amazon, Google to transfer mass payments all over the world. As used by Envato’s e-commerce marketplace, it works with ad networks as a means of connecting them with publishers outside of headquarters.

Some Features of Global Bank Transfer via Payoneer Bank

Upon registering on the Payoneer Bank website, the user receives a prepaid debit card from “MasterCard”, in addition to obtaining an account linked online to the MasterCard as well. The user can manage his personal account details and monitor his balance and transactions.

Companies can use local bank transfers and wire transfers, to send money around the world and it is supported in more than two hundred countries and in more than ninety different currencies around the world.

Any owner of a Caster Card or Visa Card can pay or transfer funds to the Pioneer electronic bank user.

Looms can be withdrawn from any ATM around the world. Also, when payments are received to the personal account, a notification will be sent to the user by “MasterCard”.

Online payments are received in US dollars.

The annual card fee is $29.95 and is automatically deducted from the user’s balance, and there are no monthly or additional fees.


One of the most famous electronic wallets in the world, it is used by most online casinos and sports betting sites for deposit, withdrawal, and transfer.

PayPal allows its users to send money from one person to another using the electronic wilderness only, and it is one of the world’s famous electronic payment systems, and the number of its users reaches more than 300 million users, and it is dealt with in more than 203 countries around the world.

Online casinos and betting sites adopt the Paypal electronic payment system through its wallet, which is one of the best methods used for depositing and withdrawing money at online casinos and sports betting sites.

It is characterized by speed in money transfers, ease and a high degree of security. It is also prohibited to use it on unlicensed casino sites.


The Skrill e-wallet occupies the best ranks among the electronic payment options, especially those that the player is looking for on the sites of online casinos and sports betting sites.

Skrill is used by more than 20 million users in more than 200 Arab and international countries.
Some Arab countries where online casino sites are available to use Skrill wallet, such as Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar

Skrill is considered the best method adopted by players for transfers, deposits, and withdrawals through the sites of online casinos.
Skrill Wallet ensures the security, confidentiality, and speed of bank transfers via it. This is what makes Arab players in Iraq adopt it as the primary payment method for betting and gambling through online sites.


The Neteller e-wallet is characterized by a high degree of security, credibility and speed, and enjoys a great position and trust among its users.

It operates with a high-level encryption system, which ensures the confidentiality of the player’s personal information and also compensates its users in the event of any error or theft during its use. Therefore, it is one of the preferred electronic payment methods for players in Iraq to gamble in online casinos.

Triple protection and encryption

It is a system that allows credit card users to protect their personal data and private information. Every time the player wishes to use the card for payment or transfer, the bank will send him a text message on his mobile phone that includes a code that he uses only once to confirm the process.

Bonuses and Incentives at Online Casinos

There are many types of bonuses offered by online casinos to Iraqi players. There are welcome bonuses that give the player an important opportunity to try and learn different casino games and win afterward. And free offers that give the player the opportunity to play and gain experience without losing money. These sites also offer live casino bonuses, deposit bonuses, and more. Giving the player opportunities to enjoy and play at the same time.

Some casinos adopt their own bonus and profit programs that include huge and amazing prizes such as fully paid trips, and there are some online casinos that give their players bonuses and prizes provided that they are using a specific payment system such as PayPal or Skrill, for example, and these bonuses are in the form of Bonus points granted without The player has to deposit a cash amount, or the rewards are in the form of deposits.

The favorite games of Iraqi players in online casinos


Online slots or online slot machines are among the most popular and preferred casino games among Arab players. They do not require much planning or big strategies, and at the same time enable the player to win a lot of real money.

Today, these machines have become one of the most important online sites to attract gambling players because of their ease and the provision of many exceptional opportunities for those who aspire to win large sums of money and to double the bets.


It is a well-known and popular game in online casinos in abundance, and Texas Hold’em Poker is one of the most popular types of poker and preferred by players relative to other types of poker for its ease and for the fun it contains and some need for thinking.

But there are a lot of different poker games like Crazy Pineapple Poker, Omaha Holdem Poker, Seven Card Stud Poker.


It is a casino game that attracts new players and is preferred by more experienced and professional players.

It is an easy game to learn to play and a good starting point for new gamblers to gain more gambling experience.

There are two types of roulette: European roulette, which includes numbers from 0 to 36, and American roulette, which includes numbers from 0 to 36

Black Jack

It is also known as the 21st game and it is one of the most popular gambling games in the world as it is one of the easiest and smooth casino games. If the player manages to play it with strategy and intelligence, he can achieve a lot of profit, but he must first know the appropriate timing to make the appropriate decisions while betting. 

Live Casino  

Online casino is different from live casino because online casinos are games that have been programmed and developed to be played automatically.

In the live casino, the player can participate in the real casino games through the website’s camera, and he can also communicate directly with the dealer in the casino, in addition to the possibility of playing with the players at the table in the real casino through the live cam as well.

Arab players can download the live casino application via mobile phones and iPads, and they can also participate through some of the casino sites participating in the live casino using their mobile phones, whether they are running Android or iOS devices from iPhone and iPad.

The live casino provides the player with the majority of online casino games, including:

Live Roulette: Here the player must be professional or at least have some experience, and prefer not to play first through the free offers of online casinos.

Live Poker: It is one of the most popular types of games among live casino games. The player can participate in the game “Texas Holdem Poker” directly with the players in the real casino and communicate with the dealer there, and can also participate in other live poker games Texas Boya Poker and Stud Poker.

Live Blackjack: Players consider the game of blackjack more easy and smooth than roulette, and the player can master it and play it directly, of course if he is informed in advance of its laws and rules.


One of the most famous dice games ever, it is a simple game suitable for novice players and the goal in this game is to predict the outcome of a dice roll.

Live Baccarat: Also known as Banker, it is a simple and easy to learn the game and one of the favorite games of the VIPs in casinos.

The principle of the game depends on distributing two cards to each player at the beginning and the goal is to achieve the highest number closer to the number 9.

The most popular online casinos and betting sites

  1. Betfinal
  2. Haz casino
  3. 888 casino

Online sports betting in Iraq

Online sports betting sites have recently spread, which are of great interest to Arab and Iraqi players, especially since these bettings have become easy after they entered the world of online sites and spread widely in Arab countries.

Although the issue of betting is considered illegal in Iraq, this did not stand in the way of betting and gambling lovers.

The demand is increasing and has become available due to the presence of decryption and proxy sites, and thus these sites have become accessible to everyone and are an easy and fast way to bet, and they offer fun and profit at the same time.

Through sports betting sites, the player can place bets on different matches, and this type of betting has spread globally with the emergence and spread of online betting sites.

football :

It is one of the most popular sports in Iraq and has followers who are keen to follow everything related to it, and many sports betting sites compete for local leagues and international tournaments.
These sites provide a lot of travel and transportation, as the player can follow them online, bet on the team he supports, enjoy the matches and make profits at the same time.

There are many bets and odds for betting football matches on the online sites, and among these odds is the outcome of the final match, the number of goals and corners, and may even be about team substitutions.
The player can choose one bet or several bets, whether for one match or for a number of matches. The method is to put the bet amount in his account at the betting office, and according to the outcome, the win or the loss.

Among the most followed football leagues:
– English Premier League:
Among the most famous teams in the English Premier League are Chelsea, Manchester, United, Manchester City, and Liverpool

-Italian League: AC Milan, Juventus, Roma, Napoli and other major teams.

La Liga: Among the most famous teams are the Catalan team Barcelona, ​​​​Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid.

European Champions: It is considered one of the largest and most famous football tournaments, as 54 teams participate in this league, all of them from Europe.

Football betting information

Things in betting are different from the normal lifestyle, meaning that online football betting sites are not as interested in the affiliation of the team as they are in the statistics and numbers.

For example, if you as a bettor encourages a particular team and you see that the opposing team will win, then you should bet on the opposing team and not on your favorite team.

The other important thing about betting on football is to bet on matches that you have information or knowledge about and do not risk betting on those you do not know or have no idea about. You must hurry.
One of the important things while betting on football is to determine your type of bet as a player. There are several types of football bets through online sports betting sites, which are:

Match Bet, Correct Score, Double Chance, Live Bet, First Half Bet and Final Score Full Score, Accumulator Bet, Anytime Score, Double Bet, First Half Bet, and Last Score.

Determining the betting style and choosing what suits your information and expectations may avoid losses and guarantee you a profit.

Boxing game

It was known as the sport of kings or noble art, as it was practiced by kings since the days of ancient Rome. Boxing is currently one of the most popular sports around the world, with a wide audience watching and enjoying it.

It is a sport that depends on two people of the same weight attacking each other with their fists during periods called rounds, and the boxer who gets the most points after the end of the rounds is the winner.

And one of them can also win by a knockout, which is, if the opponent falls to the ground and is unable to get up again, the referee counts to ten to announce the victory of the other player.

Boxing fans and followers resort to following it and betting on it through online sports betting sites, as it occupies an important place and space within these sites due to its great popularity among Arab players.

Types of boxing bets:
Money Line

It depends on the existence of many possibilities to play, for example, the bet is on player A or on player B.

The odds for betting are on the win and draw, and the amount of the bet and the amount of profit is determined before the start of the match.

Method of Victory

This bet is considered one of the most favorite types of players to bet in the sport of boxing, where the player chooses one of three or four possibilities, and each possibility has a specific amount to be paid and a different amount of profit.

Boxer A wins by KO of $150 and wins $200

A boxer’s victory with points is a different amount or account, and the tie is also different from the bet.

Over -Under

It is one of the most enthusiastic ways of betting in boxing, and the reason is that the betting “player” must expect one of the boxers to win by a specific point difference, and he can also go into more details such as predicting the victory of a particular boxer in one round and the other winning in the other round.

Formula 1 – Car Racing

The popularity of Formula 1 racing is still increasing in the Arab world, especially in the Arab Gulf states, where there are race tracks in the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

Formula 1 racing betting is one of the most popular bets among Arab players because of its excitement, fun and real money winnings.

For this reason, online sports betting sites are racing to provide this game across their sites, and they also offer many accompanying offers for the high quality and service that the Arab player specifically aspires to.

The Formula season consists of several races called major races. The racetracks for these races are located in many countries such as Britain, Spain, Belgium and Italy. Abu Dhabi and Bahrain are also famous in the Arab countries for their Formula 1 races, which are held in their race tracks, and visitors flock to them from all over the world.

But it is necessary to be familiar with the rules of betting, to know the correct betting methods, and to pay attention to choosing reliable betting offices and sites, to ensure your rights and money as a player and bettor. There are several types of Formula 1 bets:

Head-to-head competition bets – Specialized bet – Driver bet – Crown bet and Suggested bet


MMA -Mixed Martial Arts  

Among the canal sports, it is a mixture of different martial arts. The laws of this sport allow the use of direct strikes, from martial arts, judo, taekwondo, karate boxing, Muay Thai, wrestling, and air jets.

MMA betting is very popular in the Arab world and Iraq, where the player can bet on the fighter who will win or the method of winning and the duration of the match.

horses racing :

One of the sports that can be bet on online sports betting sites in Iraq. Horse racing is the most popular relative to the rest of the races because this sport has been known for many years in the Arab Gulf and Arab countries, where it symbolizes heroism, chivalry, and equestrianism.

That is why horse racing is one of the inherited sports in the Arab world and is of interest to Arab players and organizes many competitions on the ground.

As for betting, as it is prohibited on the ground, as with other sports, those wishing to bet turn to online sports betting sites, where there are many sites that welcome the participation of Arab players from all over the world.

Tips on how to bet in football

The player must be familiar with the basic rules of betting at the very least and have sufficient information about the sport he wants to bet on in order to make a profit from it. Important information:

The team was in full fitness, or if there were some injuries among the players from previous matches.

If the match is a friendly or will it change the position of one of the teams.

Did the two teams play in a previous match together and who won that match?

See the results of the previous matches of the teams on the goals of each team in its previous matches separately.

This information makes the player aware of the team he wants to bet on to achieve the profits he aspires to.

Advantages of online sports betting sites

Online sports betting sites offer a lot of free offers and welcome bonuses for all players, whether new or old, sometimes up to 100%. These offers especially allow new players to test betting and learn the right ways to win. This is in addition to the competitions held by these sites and the important annual offers.

And online betting has the most important advantages:

Welcome Bonuses

Because of the intense competition between online sites to attract players, there are many offers and rewards that provide the Arab and Iraqi players with a suitable environment for playing and betting in which fun, safety, and real profit meet.

Therefore, most sites adopt a policy of offering offers and welcome bonuses to the player, which allows him to play for free at first to learn more about the game and gain some experience so as not to lose money.

Once the player logs in to the site, he receives this welcome bonus, in addition to large annual raffles and offers that may sometimes include international trips.

Bonus types: Welcome Bonus, No Deposit Bonus, Money Back Bonus and Free Spins Bonus which gives the player a lot of free offers at the same time.

Online betting sites are characterized by giving the player more chances to win than those available in bookmakers. The player also has the opportunity to bet more than one bet at the same time and has the features of multiple-choice, substitution, and others

Safety and reliability

The most important step in betting and gambling and what the player looks for in his online betting in particular.

Online betting sites provide this feature to players through the guaranteed payment options that they adopt on their sites, of course, in addition to the 3D Secure system, which guarantees the player to protect his personal data from hacking and his account from being stolen.

As for the licensed bookmakers, they are subject to government monitoring, and in the event of any negligence or theft, the license is withdrawn directly.

Miscellaneous services:

Online sports betting sites offer a wide range of the most important sports, which are accompanied by a full explanation and detailed information on how to play, in addition to an explanation of betting, which gives the player good chances to win and win.

These sites offer players from Arab countries special treatment as the best and most famous sports that the player can search for, and this gives him more opportunities to profit and enjoy various games.

Through these sites, the player can find football, basketball, and tennis, as well as motorcycle racing and car racing such as Formula 1 and horse racing. The game of martial arts, boxing, wrestling, and many other various sports.

In each site there is a special section for technical support responsible for providing assistance to all players and bettors registered on the site and answering their inquiries regarding games and betting.

This section is available throughout the week / 24 hours and in the Arabic language, and the player can communicate with the employees in the section through the website, the direct chat section, in case the inquiry or question is urgent, or via phone call.

Some sports betting sites

  1.  betfinal
  2. Haz casino
  3. 888 sport

What are the deposit/withdrawal limits in Iraq Casino?

Deposit and withdrawal limits at Casino Iraq are suitable for all budgets without exception! It starts at just $10, and sometimes it goes up to $25. On top of that, you will get a set of great bonuses that you can use to play longer, make fewer deposits and thus get more benefit from the deposit you have made.