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Erbil is the capital of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. It is the fourth largest city in Iraq after Baghdad, Basra, and Mosul. It is considered the sixth-largest city in Iraq in terms of population. After 2003, it witnessed unprecedented urban development. The Kurdistan Regional Government re-planned public streets, established public parks, renovated old buildings, and allocated significant investments to build megaprojects like the Erbil International Airport.

In addition, it has built large residential communities according to modern standards, massive shopping centres and entertainment projects.

As a result, the historic Erbil Citadel has become a World Heritage Site, and the city of Erbil has become the centre of coexistence in Iraq.

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The city contains many hotels, parks, and monuments. Erbil is considered the tourist capital of Iraq. The most beautiful tourist stops in Erbil are the old castle, the Gali Ali Bey Waterfall, and the “Qaysari Castle” market.

Recently, this city has gained recent fame among Arab and foreign tourists. Also, it has become the preferred tourist destination for Iraqis, Arabs, Turks, and Iranians. With that being said, it does not contain any gambling facilities at all. Although this city enjoys relative independence from the state, it still applies all Iraqi laws. But all residents and visitors of Erbil can enjoy online casino games and sports betting on their smartphones and tablets.

On this page, we will explore the most important aspects that you need to know about, how to play on Erbil casino safely, and the most important tips you need to know to amass big winnings.

Does Erbil Casino Legal & Safe?

Although Erbil enjoys relative independence from Iraq, it still abides by Iraqi law. According to Article 389 of the Iraqi Penal Code, gambling is prohibited, and any person who gambles or runs a gambling shop is punished with the following provisions:

  • Anyone operating a gambling venue in Iraq will be punished with a year in prison or a fine of 100 Dinars. This penalty is also applied to money converters which work in illegal gambling establishments.
  • Anyone who gambles is imprisoned for three months or pays a fine of 50 dinars.

However, there are a lot of roulette halls located in Erbil hotels, cafes, and lounges, but all these halls are illegal, and they are liable to police raids at any time! There are many previous cases in which casinos have been closed and their visitors arrested and imprisoned. So, definitely, you will not think of playing at real casinos in Erbil, instead, you can play at reputable online casinos which offer you a safe and secure gameplay experience.

What Is the Online Erbil casino?

In the last twenty years, every business has moved to the Internet, including the entertainment industry. You can now enjoy watching Netflix instead of going to the movies, buying goods and services online instead of going to the shops, similarly casinos and sports betting shops have also moved online!

It belongs to foreign companies and holds the license of global gambling commissions such as:

  • UKGC
  • Curaçao Gaming Board
  • Gibraltar Gambling Commission

Although these sites operate across cyberspace, they meet the highest and most extreme global security standards. All the reputable Erbil casino sites have the (HTTPS) protocol active to secure your sensitive data. In addition, they use the SSL and TLS protocols to protect your transactions and keep them away from fraudsters. You can check if the casino has an active SSL protocol by looking to see if the address bar contains the padlock symbol. If you find it, this means that the site is entirely safe and reliable. However, if this padlock is red or crossed out or has an exclamation mark next to it, this means that the site isn’t a safe place for your personal and payment data.

The Erbil casino games are sourced from many big-name powerhouses whose games depend on the RNG tech, giving fair and random outcomes in each round/ spin. Undoubtedly, the games’ results can’t be rigged or manipulated under any case. The games are stored only on the provider’s servers, and nobody can access its internal files or send a virus to them. Even the casino that hosts the game only “borrows” the game on its platform and can’t influence its results or change them.

If you don’t like playing against a computer, you can consider live games streamed from real casinos. A group of professional dealers offers these games. There are no matrix, codes, or computers on the live games; The dealers perform manual shuffling, spinning, and rolling. Also, you will be able to watch all the game’s events through live streaming.

Live casino games on Erbil casino are similar to traditional casino games in every aspect without exception; Both are played in a genuine atmosphere, presented by human dealers, and have the same RTP and House Edge percentages.

Real Casinos in Erbil Vs. Online Erbil casino

Clearly, there is no rational comparison between online and land-based casinos! As online gambling sites are better in almost every aspect.

They have a larger game library, offer generous bonuses and enhanced offers, and provide 24/7 customer service. However, many players still think that real casinos in Erbil are better than Erbil casino sites online. Therefore, we made the following quick comparison. So, you can conclude the best choice by yourself.

1. Reliability and reputability

Without a word of exaggeration, all real casinos in Erbil aren’t reliable or reputable! They work outside the law, don’t pay taxes, and don’t secure their visitors. Furthermore, if you go there, you will be at risk of getting caught at any moment as these casinos are illegal. On the contrary, online Erbil casino sites have a well-known reputation among all players on the Internet. Operate legally and hold the licenses of many legal authorities. Secures the data of players with the strongest global encryption protocols.

In other words, when you gamble in any of the Erbil casino sites, no one will know that you have gambled online. However, if you go to a conventional casino in Erbil, you may be caught and then photographed, so all your family and friends will know! So, of course, maintaining privacy is very important, especially when it comes to something as sensitive as gambling.

2. Availability & Comfortability

Despite the legal risks, if you still want to play on traditional Erbil casino hubs, you should know that these places are available for limited hours around the week. This is self-evident, as these spots cannot open their doors to visitors 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or they will be visible to the police! So, if you want to gamble on any of the real casinos in Erbil, you should call the security person first to check their working time. Then, you can head over there! Quite the opposite, you can open any online Erbil casino via your smartphone or tablet easily while you are sitting on the recliner, lying on the sofa, or travelling by train!

Online casino games are very customizable as you can modify each element to suit your preferences. In addition, you can play them in the practice mood or for real money wagers. The betting limits on these games are very flexible and budget-friendly as they start from $1 to $5,000.

3. Bonuses & Offers

All players on Erbil casino have a chance to claim many bonuses and rewards to play for more time, get higher winning odds, and enjoy your stay at the casino to the hilt!

The welcome offer is the most significant offer at all Erbil casino sites. This reward is an incentive that gambling operators offer to entice new players to create their accounts and start playing there.

The welcome offer is given with a fixed percentage on your first deposit. For example, if the casino offered you a 100% bonus and uploaded your account with $100, you will get an extra $100 to play with and a total amount of $200 on your balance. The welcome offer can be dedicated for the first deposit only, but sometimes it can be extended to the first two, three, four, or five deposits according to the chosen casino. Of course, the fun doesn’t stop here! Erbil casino online retains its current registrants and offer them many ongoing bonuses and rewards. For instance, you can get a reload reward on your new deposits, free spins to play video slots, cashback for your losses, and many other offers.

4. Game Selection

When it comes to the quality and quantity of the games, no casino in Erbil can compete with the Erbil online casino. The internet casinos offer a considerable number of games that cover every genre, while the land based casinos have a limited area. Likewise, their physical games are also little. Online casinos also outperform their traditional counterparts in offering demo versions of all casino games.

Playing on the practice mode is a very prominent advantage for both professionals and newbies, as you will be able to try the whole game’s rules, test its features, develop your strategy, and enhance your skills.

All games offered on Erbil casino online are developed by the HTML5 encode, meaning that they are compatible with all handheld devices, and you can access them through your browser or the casino app.

5. Customer Care

Unfortunately, real casinos in Erbil doesn’t include any kind of human guidance. So, if you’re a novice gambler, you will find it a bit harder to start playing there. However, this is not the case for Erbil casino online as there are trained support teams who work 24/7, even on the holidays and bank off days. You can contact the support service through different channels, including live chat, email, and phone support. Furthermore, you can look at the FAQ section to get a quick answer to a common question.

1. What Is the Online Erbil Casino?

Online Erbil casino is a website that offers virtual gambling games and real games streamed from real casinos. You can access this site from any internet-enabled device easily. If you want to play at a reputable Iraqi casino, you may check our site list for the worthy casinos to make a good choice.

2. What Are the Offered Bonuses on Erbil Online Casino?

Erbil online casino offers its players a wide range of bonuses, including the welcome offer, reload bonus, cashback offer, free spins, and many other offers.

3. What Is the Minimum Deposit Amount on Erbil Casino?

The minimum deposit amount at most online casinos is $10.

4. Does Casino in Erbil Compitable With Mobile Devices?

Yes, all modern online casinos offer a mobile-friendly platform. In addition, some casinos also offer an app that you can download on your Android or IOS device.