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If you enter a regular casino for the first time, you may feel some fear; Everyone knows exactly what they want to do and quickly rushes towards their favorite casino games, but you are still intimidated! Many novice players set out of the fun and watch the games from afar; Of course, there is no mentor in conventional casinos to tell you precisely what you need to know!

But when you visit our site, you will not have any of these worries as you can choose any casino game and play it in the free mode without setting up a new account, making a deposit, or downloading any app. Then, if you want to place real money wagers to collect real winnings, you can choose one of the casinos we recommend to you on our website and sign up there and get your welcome offer to get your bankroll doubled.

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Online casinos have a smart, neat, and user-friendly interface with everything laid down in its place, and you will not need a guide to learn how to use it. Moreover, if you find any difficulty accessing your favorite games and making your deposit, you can get instant help from the 24/7 customer service team. All online casino games are compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers without any difference. You can enjoy them via the browser without the need to download any appl or carry out any additional steps.

On this page, we will highlight the different types of casino games, and offer you the best tips that you can rely on to increase your chances of winning and reduce your losses in the long run.

How Are Online Casino Games?

They are web-based games that imitate the real money casino games being presented on conventional casinos. However, rather than using paper cards and physical roulette, virtual casino games depend on codes, matrices, and advanced technology. Each virtual gambling game is divided into two main parts, namely:

Graphical interface

This interface contains icons, symbols, and images that mimic all the elements of the regular game. In addition, it also shows the control panel at the game’s window which contains the action buttons. The game creators pay special attention to their games’ interface quality and user friendliness. They use state of the art graphics and charming animations. Also, they facilitate the gameplay scenario, where the player places his bet and wait for the outcome of the spin/ round without the need to wait or take further decisions.

The RNG Component

Random Number Generators, or RNG in short, are the crucial ingredient of any digital casino game. They are algorithms which produce random result for each round/ spin you play whether in the demo mode or the real money mode. Indeed, nether the casino nor the game provider can intervene in the RNG algorithm. Likewise, there no magical code which player can enter to influence the RNG component to give results in his favor. We can call these random number generators “electronic dice” which is used to generate unpredictable numerical results.
Many players criticize this technology because it is complicated, and they do not understand it. However, it is used in all games, weather forecasting, studying natural phenomena, conducting statistical studies, and many other areas of life.
With that being said, online casinos don’t neglect the skeptics and offer them real-time casino games being presented in real casinos and dedicated studios where you can watch the game’s events second by second, like live football matches. These games are free from computers, matrix, and codes! As the dealers make manual shuffling, spinning, and rolling exactly like Las Vegas and Macau casinos.

What Are the Online Casino Games?

Types of Casino Games

There is no shortage of games at online casinos! Every player will find hundreds of best casino games in almost every genre available to play in both demo and real money mode. Also, you can take advantage of the casino bonuses to play for more time and accumulate higher winnings.

All online casino games are simple, fast, and straightforward, even for the newbies. On the casino games, you have the freedom to play against automated games or join real dealers and compete against other players through the live casino games.

Casino games depend on mathematical and statistical skills and the ability to control your emotions and make the right decisions. However, above all; It depends mainly on luck! In the next part, we will briefly explain the most prominent casino games that you will find at online casinos.

1. Online Slots

 Types of Casino Games

Slots are the most sought-after games, in both online and regular casinos alike. These games represent at least 80% of any online or land-based casino lobby. Slots have 4 main types, namely; Classic slots, video slots, 3D slots, progressive jackpot games. These kinds differ in many characteristics like the number of reels, rows, and pay lines, volatility level, additional features, and many more. However, all of them have the same gameplay as the player needs to place a bet after the game opens, then if he hit three or more symbols in the same pay line, you will score a win! In addition, you can cumulate very high payoffs thanks to the game’s additional features such as the free spins, hot reels, cascade wins, gamble feature, and bonus round. Fortunately, all online casinos allocate the most significant portion of their bonuses, rewards, and promos for online slots games. So, you can play longer and always get higher rewards.

2. Online Roulette

Roulette is one of the most attractive online casino games ever. Although this game was invented by the French scientist Blaise Pascal in the 16th century to test his theory about probability and chance, it quickly became one of the most popular casino games of all time!

There are three main roulette types: French roulette, European roulette, and American roulette. All these games are available in the RNG format in which you solely compete against the game’s computer. Also, you can enjoy the live roulette games streamed from real brick and mortar casinos and dedicated studios, presented by professional dealers who use mechanical roulette wheels and balls.

There are many great live roulette games worth trying, like lightning roulette which offers notably high multipliers for randomly chosen straight bets. Also, you can play immersive roulette, which utilizes cinematography techniques to provide a visually stunning gameplay experience.

3. Online Blackjack

Blackjack is a rare table game that depends on the combination of skills, strategies, and luck. Blackjack games are not profitable for casinos. However, they are obligated to offer these games due to their massive popularity among players worldwide.

Blackjack is a “casino banking game”, meaning that players compete against the casino (represented by the dealer), rather than playing against each other. This means that other players’ hands will not influence yours in any case. The round starts with the players place an initial bet on their hands before receiving any card. Then, the dealer will give each player two face-up cards. Also, he will draw himself two cards; One is faced up, and the other is face-down.

Players have the freedom of choice to decide how they can play their hands. For example, you can double your bet amount if your hand is optimistic. On the other hand, if you think your hand is low, you can surrender and recover half of your bet amount. In addition, if the dealer’s face-up card is the Ace, you can place the insurance bet and win it in case he owns a blackjack.

The game’s goal is to get closer to 21 points and beat the dealer, but without exceeding this number. Blackjack is represented at online casinos in many formats and variants. For example, you can play the classic blackjack, American Blackjack, European Blackjack, Spanish 21, multi-hand blackjack, and many more.

The RTP percentage of all blackjack games varies between 95% to 98% depending on the player’s commitment to implement the basic strategy.  

In addition, you can enjoy Blackjack, and other casino games in Iraq, in the live setting by competing where you can compete with other human dealers and show off your skills to other participating players.

4. Video Poker

Video poker casino games are presented on convention casinos besides slot machines. Novice and even professional players may not be able to tell them apart! Both are played on a computerized console and offer the same gameplay experience; The round starts when the player places a bet and tab on the “spin/ deal” button, if the shown cards/ symbols show a winning combination, you will win your bet.

Despite its similarities with slots games, video poker games also have the general core rules of poker games. For example, they depend on a 52-card deck and offer winnings according to the hand crank.

When you open the video poker game, you should load the game with a bet, then click on the “deal” button, and 3 – 7 playing cards pictures will be displayed. If you hit any poker combination, you will score a win, while if you didn’t, you can pin the pictures of the strong cards to keep them for the next round, then the other cards will be altered except for the pinned cards.

Although it might seem to be a game of pure luck, it integrates skills and strategy especially in selecting the pinned cards.

5. Live Poker

If you are not very possessed by the idea of playing poker on a computerized console, you can turn to live poker games! These games are presented in an authentic atmosphere, managed by a real human dealer who manually shuffles and deals paper cards. However, the live poker games have been rounded from the games presented on the real casinos, as it is a banked game, meaning the players compete against the dealer only. The main aim is to get a higher rank to win the round. This modification has been added to allow players to enjoy the basic rules of the original poker games quickly without waiting for other players to join the table.

There are many live poker games of your choice, including; first five jackpot side bet, Caribbean stud poker, texas hold’em bonus poker, Caribbean stud poker, three card poker, ultimate texas hold ’em.

6. Live Shows

Not only are table and card casino games presented in the live setting, but you can also enjoy various TV game shows that offer generous prizes close to the jackpots area! For instance, Crazy Time is a game show inspired by the famous TV show, dream catcher. This game offers a huge win potential of up to 500x. Also, you can try games like lightning roulette, dream catcher, money wheel, live gonzo quest.



All in all, Thanks to today’s modern technology, you have a chance to play all online casino games on your mobile or computer easily and hassle-free wherever you are! In addition, you have the freedom of choice to play the demo games that we offer here on our website or play for real money wagers on the recommended casinos. Online casino games depend on a mix of skills, strategy, and luck. They are exciting, have fast-paced, and are a great recreational activity.

1. Do I Need to Download Anything?

No, you don’t! All online casino games are web-based, meaning that you can enjoy them directly from your mobile or computer without the need for any additional action.

2. Which Casino Games Are Available Online?

Casino games that are available online are slots, poker, baccarat, blackjack, and live casino games.

3. Can I Play Online Casino Games Via on Mobile Device?

Yes, all casino games are available to play on a wide range of handheld devices, all of them are created in HTML encoding, meaning that they are compatible with any device connected to the internet.

4. What are the Available Bonuses For Casino Games in Iraq?

Iraq casino offers many bonuses to its players including welcome offers, no deposit bonuses, free spins, and many other deals