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Recently, Microgaming launched many varieties of blackjack games that have high quality and improved winning chances. Multihand Atlantic City is one of the most prominent of these games which has a lot of extra options and features like Double Down, Split and Insurance bet. In addition, in this game, you will find a great additional feature, the surrender, which allows you to minimize your losses and get more winning chances. If you want to know more info, about this game, continue reading this article and you will find everything you need to know.

The Most Prominent Features of the Multihand Atlantic City Game

Exactly as the name suggests, the Atlantic Blackjack game is based on the American Blackjack variant in which dealers use 8 decks of cards not only one as in the classic Blackjack game. Every player can decide to split, double down, insurance, or surrender easily according to what he thinks is the best to his hand. The main rule that this game depends on is standing on the 17 points and not exceeding it in any case. However, the dealer may exceed this amount if he draws a card with a high amount.

For example, if the dealer’s hand equals 15, he should draw a new card with an amount of 10, he will be 25 and lose the game. Likewise, the new card’s amount can be 5 so his hand will be counted as 20. In other words, the dealer can be lucky despite the Atlantic Blackjack rules!

The double down rule means that you can place a new bet with an amount matching your initial bet. So, you will get doubled profits. Multihand Atlantic City has a special rule is that you can double down your bet after splitting your hand.

The split option can be available when you get two cards of the same value or amount. Then, you will get a new card for both of your hands. The double Aces cards can be split only twice, while the other cards can be split 3 or 4 times.

The insurance rules in the Multihand Atlantic City are the same as any other game. As this bet is only available if the dealer’s shown card is an Ace, then if he has the blackjack already, you will win 2:1 of your bet amount.

If you found that your initial cards aren’t strong enough, you can surrender. But this decision will be available only before the dealer’s shows his hole card. Although you will lose half of your initial bet, you will save the other half! Note that this game doesn’t allow the late surrender after the dealer shows his hole card.

The Design of Multihand Atlantic City Game

Multihand Atlantic City has a simple and wonderful design, as the table depends on a green theme and you will find all action buttons on the bottom of the screens which you can use to play with your hand.

When you play on your smartphone, these buttons will be accessed by touch. So, you should pay attention and concentrate while playing to take the right decision. In short, the developer has laid everything beautifully and works perfectly!

There are two awesome operational features in the game; the First one is the “turbo mode” which allow you to play at a fast pace. While the second is the left-hand playing mode which is more convenient for left-handed players.

The winning Odds in Multihand Atlantic City

The RTP offered in this game is 99.65%. The minimum amount you can bet is $1 while the maximum bet is $200. If you can get blackjack from the first two cards, you will win 3:2. If you can only beat the dealer, you will get a 1:1 profit. The insurance bet pays 2:1.

The Multihand Atlantic City offers standard payouts just like all other blackjack games. So, this variance isn’t different from any other blackjack game. However, note that this game uses 8 decks of cards while the classic blackjack game uses only 1 deck. So, you can’t apply the card counting strategy here.

Try the Free Version of Multihand Atlantic City Now!

Now, you can enjoy playing the free version of Atlantic Blackjack easily and seamlessly on your mobile device or PC. Just activate the game on this page, then you will be able to play with virtual funds. After that, you can try the game for real money at any reputable casinos of our recommendations.