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All of us have at least heard about monopoly in our childhood if it is not about having played it for a long time. Everyone in Iraq has at least heard or played monopoly before. Nowadays online casinos in Iraq offer its players the opportunity to pursue a monopoly game but this time with the possibility to gain huge amounts of money for real. Henceforth it is possible to play online monopoly live through online casinos in Iraq such as BETFINAL website. 

Thanks to monopoly live in Iraqi online casinos today adults have the chance to live the nostalgie of their childhood with the option of gaining money for real. 

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Started to be the most popular kids game to become today one of the most known board games of all times. 

Here in this page our experts offer you a review about every information related to online monopoly live in casinos, all you need is to keep reading to acknowledge all that you need to start  winning money thanks to your favourite monopoly live. 

What does Monopoly Live in online Iraq casinos look like? 

What does Monopoly Live in online Iraq casinos look like?

Based on a live game show animated by a real live dealer, monopoly live represents a live host who speens a wide monopoly money wheel.  It is today possible to join a monopoly live from home or wherever you are whenever you wish for it. Today every technological device starting from the computer desk reaches all smart tools that can be used to join monopoly live games and win money in Iraq. This popular casino game is compatible with smartphones and tables so no worries about their reachment.

Thanks to the famous international software games provider, Evolution Gaming, the popular monopoly game or as it is known in Iraq, Bank-Al-Haz associates the idea of dream catcher. 

Online monopoly live contains 2 parts, first consists of the dealer’s money wheel spinning which determines the winning chance depending on its stop point. Second The bonus rounds are opened by Mr Monopoly. In this part also the atmosphere remains great with its stunning graphics and especially with its earnings that are doubled of 500X player’s bet value. 

Obviously Monopoly live has common points with both Wheel of Fortune and Dream Catcher games however its specificity remains in the wider chances that it provides to its Iraqi players by offering more huge bonus rounds which in turn offer greater multipliers. 

How to play Monopoly live in Iraq ? 

How to play Monopoly live in Iraq?

Developed by Evolution Gaming, Monopoly live invites players to bet on the result of a vertical prize wheel. It represents the best live game that spoils its players with unique bonuses. For this reason learning to play it is of a big importance in order to maximize chances of gains. 
Like Vegas Star Prize Wheels the dealer spins the wheel and everything starts with where the arrow points to. So basically to start playing you should place your chips where you expect the wheel would stop. 
You will see on wheel 6 options (1, 2, 5, 10, 2 rolls, 4 rolls  ) of betting spaces and an additional chance segment as following:
   Segment                                               Number of segments
1 Gray color                                                22
2 Green color                                             15
5 Pink  color                                               7
10 Blue color                                             4
2 Rolls                                                       3
4 Rolls                                                       1
Chance                                                      2
Note that while 1, 2, 5, and 10 bets would multiply player’s stake by face value both 2 rolls and 4 rolls would begin the bonus game of Monopoly Live. 
As its name indicates the chance segment would provide a multiplier or a cash award. 
Once you get lucky and watch the wheel on 2 rolls or 4 rolls your bonus game starts and multiplier prizes start to be collected by Mr Moneybags. Depending on the  result of a two dice roll the number of moves that Mr Moneybags differs. Players get extra rolls in the event of doubles which offer them other chances to gain multipliers. 

To sum up !

First you need to place a bet among 6 available wagering alternatives and then you need to spin the wheel. Within approximately 12 seconds  you need to place your bets. At that time you notice that the online betting board will disappear and here the dealer will spin the will. Finally at the show up step, you can see if the wheel stops on the number that you had bet on you will gain immediately however if it stops on bonus rounds you can enjoy watching Mr Monopoly standing and lifting his hat to felicitate you. 

How to make the best strategies for playing Monopoly Live?

Step 1:

As every casino game Monopoly Live remains a chance game but keep in mind that the more you get familiarized the more you are able to develop your own simple strategies that contribute to multiplying your gain chances. For This reason as a main strategy, get practice with us through our site and play Monopoly Live for free so that you can gain experience and self confidence before playing for real money. 

Step 2:

As explained above the 2 roll and 4 roll are  great betting segments that offer  opportunity of gain so it is quite important to have wager on them. Investment is also very important here because the bonus round is able to pay out multipliers thousands. 

Step 3:

Even though you mind let it totally for chance you might at least keep in mind the importance of having a minimum of wager on the 2 roll options to maximize your gain chances. 

Payouts in Monopoly Live  

Here we provide you with a clear presentation of payouts and odds of all options that Monopoly Live suggests. As known Monopoly Wheel includes 54 boxes which involve 7 options as following : 

Segment/Betting Option                            Odds/Chances of winning

Number 1                                                      40.74%

Number 2                                                      27.77%

Number 5                                                      12.96%

Number 10                                                     7.41%

2 Rolls                                                             5.55%

4 Rolls                                                             1.85%

Chance                                                           3.70%

The presented explanation above demonstrates that while the numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10 offer players profits of 1x, 2x, 5x and 10x, the 2 roll and 4 roll options offer the bonus rounds with low win odds and high payouts. However, chance offers players another possibility to spin the will once again.

What are the available payment methods to play Monopoly Live for Iraqi players?

Worrying about payment methods when it comes to online casinos in Iraq is a common event and that is knowledgeable. But still no worries because we reassure you that nowadays online casinos offer its players in Iraq a large spectrum of ways to deposit and withdraw money and to make all transactions without any single risk. Options are various and all of them are credible and trustable. So please get to the appropriate page of payment methods of our website to get more detailed information about each available payment method. 

What tips can be offered to win big in Monopoly Live?

As mentioned above every chance game includes a small amount of strategies and tactics that may guide its player to maximize his chances of gaining. When it comes to Monopoly Live online game Iraqi players expect that it is totally identical to the popular Monopoly of our childhoods however this is definitely partially wrong. For this reason every player, especially a beginner is advised to play for free in our before starting to play for real money in order to get practice and learn the most about Monopoly Live that exists in Online casinos. 
Still it is important to remember that there is no rule that supports the idea that every player should be faithful to his own strategies all along playing time. In other words there is no risk in changing tactics because it still carries random results based on luck. 
Finally it is of big necessity to exploit bonuses in Monopoly Live because they really do help in boosting playing balance especially when using them in a smart way. 

What is the best online casino to play Monopoly Live in Iraq?

Every Monopoly fan in Iraq faces the same indecisive situation regarding the best online casino in Iraq among the multiple existing websites. At first do not worry because you should know that Monopoly Live is accessible in every casino that is partnered with Evolution Software supplier. It is true that a substantial number of Iraq casinos do include this provider however the main point is to find out the best casino ever to enjoy Monopoly Live fully in Iraq. For this reason we support you by advising you with the Betfinal casino website which is popular with its unique Monopoly Live options that attract all its players in Iraq. So now we have provided you with the best detailed answer you can immediately join Betfinal and start enjoying your favourite Monopoly Live safely.