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Live Poker is considered the most popular gambling game. Since its occurrence in the 90s Poker has dominated casino games as it has gained a special place in the gambling world. Poker has been the most played game in all land-based casinos all over the world. Progressively Poker has increased through the years and has seen many variations offering different alternatives of bets for players. 

The fame of the live poker game has never lost its value among its fans in the whole world. It remains loved thanks to its easy principles and to the high chances of winning that it provides.

Like everywhere in the world, Iraqi people have also shown their interest in live poker. 

On this page, our experts have reported for you every detail about online poker in Iraq. All questions related to poker in online Iraq casinos are answered in a very parsimonious way. So lucky for you this guide is dedicated to supporting you get information about online poker in Iraq casinos in order to provide you the chance to gamble responsibly and get to know your limits and rights when playing online poker.

Online Poker Game in Iraq


The republic of Iraq represents mainly a Muslim country with 95% of the population are whether Shia or Sunni Muslims. For this reason, the 1969 penal code of the Iraq States has made all types of land-based gambling forbidden. Nowadays no more casinos in Iraq are accessible. 

But this fact does not refute the reality about traditional Iraq. Iraqi people have traditionally enjoyed land-based casinos for many years. There were casinos everywhere in the biggest cities of Iraq offering Iraqi players the funniest and popular casino games such as Poker. Iraqi players were, therefore, joining them comfortably. Regarding the new Iraqi law about limiting gambling, luckily the big passion of Iraqi players has not gone in vain. With the coming of online casinos in Iraq, players have the chance to carry on enjoying many casino games whenever and wherever they want. There is no information of the prosecution for attending online casinos in Iraq. 

The majority of the online Iraq casinos offer players the opportunity to join casino games through their Smartphones, tablets, and every technological device. This has made it more comfortable for Iraqi gamers to enjoy online casino games from where they are comfortable and without any single worry. 

Poker represents approximately the most famous online casino game among Iraqi players. The growing popularity of Poker in Iraq is explained by its competitive nature which excites Iraqi players. Online poker players in Iraq are attracted by the luck and skills that poker games require. For this reason, online poker has gained a lot of fame among Iraqi players. 

How to play Live Poker?

Online poker games have made a slight transition from land-based casinos to online platforms while adding a special atmosphere to live poker fans.
Online poker represents a casino game that is based on cards and which combines slot machines and five-grow poker. 
Although as any other gambling game Live Poker remains a luck game, it still involves some strategies and tactics that every online Iraqi player would probably want to learn.
Live Poker has many variations that require different rules and strategies but still the basis of the game remains the same.  This is why all you need to do at first is to master the main basis of live poker in general as a game and then begin improving your own strategies to make lots of money. 
Regardless of the Poker Variation, you would play you should know that the hands will be the same. This is why you should memorize the different hands and keep them in your mind. We cite for you as follows the winning live poker hands from the highest to the lowest:
Royal Flush: This hand is considered the best and involves 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace of the same suit (one kind including all hearts, clubs, Spades, or diamonds).  This hand can’t be beaten by the royal flush of another suit. 
Straight Flush: It concerns five consecutive cards of the same suit.
Four of a Kind: It happens when the player has four cards of the same rank and a fifth card of any rank possible. 
A Full House: It concerns three matching cards of one rank and two matching cards of another rank. 
A Flush: It concerns any five cards of the same suit
A Straight: It happens when the player gets five cards of consecutive rank but with more than one suit.
Three of a Kind: When the player gets three cards of the same rank with two cards that are not matched
Two Pair: Happens when the player gets two cards from one rank, two cards from another rank, and one card that is not matched.
Pair: It concerns two cards of the same rank and three other cards which are not matched. 
High Card: Obviously this hand is considered the lowest. It concerns the absence of two same ranked cards and all the cards have different suits and are not consecutive.
Once you have in mind all the possible hands, you can comfortably start playing any variation of live poker, it is time to handle with dealing your cards and betting rounds.
In Live Poker games bets are placed at the beginning of the game. ‘Ante up’ concerns the step of starting bets and it is realized by placing your blinds.
At this step, you should look at the cards that the dealer gives you to focus on your hand. Each time the leader puts out new cards you should make a bet. Indeed, You have different options to bet: If no one else has placed an initial bet then you can make it. You can choose ‘call’ in order to match the bet of someone else, you can choose ‘check’ to avoid betting simply, you can however opt for ‘raise’ if you wish to add more money to bet and you have also the possibility to choose ‘fold’ if you do not want to match with someone else’s bet. 
After the first round, the dealer would ‘burn’ the top card on the deck. The dealer would make a ‘flop’ by putting three cards on the table. You can choose from these cards which one you desire to build your hand and place a bet accordingly. 
Keep in mind that on every betting round betting does not stop until every player has matched or folded the bets. Of course, when the betting round is completed the next round begins. In the final round of betting a ‘Showdown’ takes place. This means that all players should show their hands and the player who has the best hand will win the pot. 
Note that in order to understand how to play online poker you should be able to make the difference between poker online and live poker in Iraq casino websites.

  • Live Poker online in Iraq online casinos

Live Poker consists of a more realistic environment where a real dealer is present and even talks with you. In live poker online you have the chance to play with other players. Especially for experienced poker players Live poker in online casinos has its own spice of fun. The audio-video option that it provides with its real dealer adds a unique exciting atmosphere for online poker players in Iraq. This is really advised to every gamer who is fond of sophisticated decoration and high-quality gaming options.

  • Poker Online in Iraq online casinos

In Poker Online there are graphics of the table, the cards, and the betting chips. In the place of the leader, it is the software (RNG) that discloses the results randomly and fairly.  For beginners online poker that Iraq casino websites offer represents probably a preferred option that enables them to learn and enjoy playing with other players at the same time.  They have the possibility to compete with a substantial number of other players. Online poker gamers are also spoiled in terms of studio decoration.  Rounds are animated by a deep and thrilling soundtrack that invites them on a real casino journey to the poker world. 

Poker variations 

As poker remains the most famous casino game, its variations are developing continuously. Today online players of poker in Iraq can enjoy a large number of poker variations options. We can cite Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi, 5or 7 card stud, Badugi, Short Deck, Razz, and Bottom Line.

Since Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hi represent poker variations that are the most loved and played in online Iraq casinos such as Betfinal, we decided to provide you with some details more about these two poker types specifically. 

  • Texas Hold’em 

This popular type of online poker is simple to learn but still requires a certain mastery. It begins with every player having 2 cards face down. They need to make the best hand from the combination they have. Every player has the total freedom to bet with as much as he desires.

Keep in mind that while choosing Texas Hold’em poker it is better to fold once you are not sure, to play at the right stakes, and to avoid being the first player to limp.

  • Omaha Hi

This type of poker is designated for players who are fond of risk and who desire more exciting game action. So if you feel that this fits your profile Omaha Hi is the best poker option for you! Every player gets 4 hole cards rather than 2 cards. The main feature of Omaha Hi is that its players can fold their hands which leaves the only player in the pot. You can also have the best hand at the showdowns. It is important to keep in mind that it would be better not to play many hands in Omaha Hi Poker. A very important piece of advice for this type of poker is that you should assess every other player’s hand strength. 

Tips for Online Poker players in Iraq

It is of huge importance for every gamer to get some tips before starting online poker. Here our experts have found out for you the most prominent tips that you should consider.

  • Try to be the most selective possible in your initial hands because a good poker strategy consists of starting with the right hand (for example A-A, K-K, J-J, A-K suited and A-Q suited).
  • Learn the bluffing tactic by succeeding in bluff other players will force them to fold. Because successful poker players of poker have the art of bluffing to have better hands to fold. But keep careful because luffing too much can struggle with the inverse outcome. 
  • Try to be aggressive because gambling games often require some amount of aggressiveness as an efficient strategy to win big. Get to be willing to bet a lot of chips as well as to force players to guarantee to play premium hands. Go ahead you are capable of being aggressive enough to select a few hands to pay but to bet them hard at the same time! 
  • Get familiarized with all hand ranks and keep aware of odds and outs in poker. Understanding the ranking and getting aware of the possibility to calculate is the best strategy ever for poker games.
  • Don’t freak out directly when you miss it! it is okay not to be okay sometimes! you still have time to recover it! Don’t lose your concentration easily! 

Playing online poker for free/real money

Like every other casino game Poker is by nature a chance game this is why every player especially those who are not experienced worry about the starting point. It is normal to worry about losing your own cash because of a lack of practice. Lucky for you you can get practice for free before starting to play with real money.

On our site we thought about you. We offer you the opportunity to take your time to be familiarized with different online poker variations before betting with your own cash in Iraq online casinos.

That is not all, our experts have struggled to offer you the most high-quality techniques to enjoy while getting the practice in learning online poker. Contrary to what some people think, playing for free can be boring because it misses the exciting part of real money risk, our site is using a highly professional platform that includes the most modern options of online gaming in order to spoil Iraqi online poker players.

So you can have fun by learning poker gaming rather than the inverse.

Once you feel that you are ready enough you then start betting for real money by playing online poker in Betfinal and you will feel the mastery of professional gamers in you!  This will gain you much self-confidence and support you to improve your playing strategies. 

Payment methods for Iraqi online poker players

Online Poker players in Iraq often wonder about the payment options. Fortunately, our experts have gathered for you all details about the available payment alternatives that Iraq online casinos offer.

Generally, online casino websites in Iraq like BETFINAL provide their online players with a large spectrum of payment options. This is not all! Available money methods are all credible, rapid, and efficient.

Today once an Iraqi player desires to play online poker he can deposit with : 

  • Mastercard: Mastercard represents one of the most used credit cards among the Iraqi people. This method has well opted through online casinos. It is a perfect choice in case online players have prepaid and debit cards. 
  • Visa card: Visa payment remains the second option that is preferred after Mastercard among Iraqi players for online casino games such as poker. Appearing easy and practical, Visa is still quite used as a money method in Iraq online casinos.
  • Bitcoin: Nowadays Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency not only in Iraq but also everywhere in the world. It is the major payment method used in online purchases particularly in online casinos in Iraq. Using Bitcoin to deposit and withdraw in online casinos is very common. As well as other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, XRP or Litecoin, etc. are available on online casinos in Iraq. 

In addition, Iraqi players of online poker still have the possibility to choose a local payment option such as:

  • Zaincash: When it comes to a local payment option, Iraqi players of poker seem often more likely to choose Zaincash due to its modern and efficient service. Those who choose Zaincash enjoy a direct transaction of money rapidly to the dealer. The rapidity and the efficiency of this payment method are the main features that attract online poker players in Iraq so don’t miss this option.
  • Fastpay: Fastpay is often offered by the payment options in online casinos in Iraq. It is therefore one of the major methods that are preferred by online poker players because this banking option provides Iraqi players a particular comfort while enjoying their live poker game. 
  • Asia Hawala: Some online players of Iraq casinos in general and not only live poker players prefer local payment options. If this concerns you too then Asia Hawala is a perfect choice for you. It is AsiaCell Telecom’s company in Kurdistan and Iraq and facilitates every transaction of money through online gaming. If a deposit is realized immediately withdrawals do not last more than 24 hours to be done. So don’t miss online casinos that offer Asia Hawala payment options if you prefer a local method. Note that Betfinal is the first online casino that offers this opportunity. 
  • Nasspay: Nasspay is also a famous payment method that is well used by Iraqi online players of live poker. Once your Nasspay amount is founded you can realize all the money transactions that you wish on casinos. Both deposits and withdrawals are very rapid. 

Mainly live poker players in Iraq have only to opt for the payment option that they feel most comfortable with.

No need to hurry nor to worry! Take your time to choose your favorite payment method. 

Keep in mind that money transactions with their different options are happening every day within online casinos in Iraq.  All are possible and trustable!

To get more detailed information about the different available payment options for online casinos in Iraq please click on the pages specified. Never keep missing information, everything is explained on our site. 

Bonuses and promotions for Online poker players in Iraq

It is inevitable to consider the available bonuses and promotions that online poker casinos in Iraq are likely to offer you. It is your entire right to examine all types of bonuses that you might gain before starting to play online poker. Here we have selected for you the best and the most attractive bonuses that the best Iraq casino offers like Betfinal.

welcome bonus, Free cash, VIP perks, reload bonus, and deposit bonus are available so DEFINITELY don’t miss them!

These casino bonuses are a central source of your motivation as a poker player in Iraq so you can in no way be led astray by them! 

Considering poker promotions will push you to the top of your performance because extra money is always an incentive reason! 

Online Poker Providers for Online Casino in Iraq

It is almost rare to find an online casino that does not use live casino software in 2021. The best online casinos in Iraq offer henceforth the best live poker games with an online live dealer that creates a realistic environment of poker for its Iraqi players. 

The best foundation gaming provides nowadays many versions of live poker studios with real dealers through online Iraq casinos. 

Evolution Gaming and Vivo Gaming are probably the best examples of online providers of live gaming in live poker variations for players in Iraq. They both stream online live poker studios with high-quality techniques. 

Note that while Vivo Gaming provides a five-player hand alternative, Evolution Gaming plays with one player’s hand. However, regardless of the live poker provider type in all versions five cards are dealt with the player face up. 

Top Frequently asked questions

1. What is the best online casino site in Iraq to play live poker?

Certainly nowadays with a large number of online casinos in Iraq which is progressively increasing, players in Iraq might feel indecisive in selecting the best Iraq casino to play live poker safely. Like any other domain when alternatives evolve people worry about the best choice to make. But no worries our site has made all the necessary research to provide you with the best antidote to your worry! 
Betfinal seems to be one of the best online casinos in Iraq in 2021. It is secure and transparent enough to enable its Iraqi players to enjoy live poker variations securely and comfortably. No problem from this site has been reported until today. All online poker players in Iraq have expressed their satisfaction. One might wonder which criteria are considered to make sure about the best online casino. This is normal to come to the mind of any beginner. Nothing to hide! In fact, the best criteria of a good online poker casino in Iraq are its credibility and transparency. The different payment options are also the main criteria for Iraqi players. Betfinal offers players in Iraq multiple payment alternatives and gives them all the freedom to pick up the method that they personally prefer. and none of these methods has posed a problem! all of them are entirely secure. Finally, the spectrum of online and live poker variations that one online casino might offer for Iraqi players is the main criterion to be considered. It is essential to have fun while playing an online casino game, so poker players in Iraq express the need for a high-quality environment that poker rooms would offer in online casinos.  All gathered together, our experts have come to a common consensus toward Betfinal. The latter is judged as the best casino in Iraq that offers the best conditions to enjoy playing poker online.

2. How do we win in online poker in Iraq?

As is well known, basically the winner in a live poker game is the player that holds the highest-ranked hand at the ‘showdown’ step. For this reason, every online poker player needs to be definitely familiarized with the ten possible hands in live poker. We have cited them from the highest to the lowest level above so please do not hesitate to learn them by focusing on the details of each explained hand and keeping them in your mind. Moreover, every live poker player is supposed to find out his own strategies to maximize his chances of gain. These strategies need the practice to come up to the players’ minds for this reason practicing for free is inevitable especially for beginners in online poker games. Luckily for you, the main objective of our site appears at this point specifically. We offer you a large variety of casino games to play for free in order to get experience. Playing for free enables Iraqi poker players to develop their own strategies. No one can deny that the best way to learn is when we learn by Practice! So do not miss this unique opportunity! Winning big money through online poker in Iraq is far from being a myth! It is absolutely a reality so benefit from our site to win big by online poker!