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Welcome to the online Roulette world! Our experts have gathered for you all, a detailed review of the online roulette world. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player this guide supports you to become a master player of roulette and to maximize your chances to win. Obviously, Live Roulette is one of the most famous casino table games. In recent years, online casinos have seen big numbers of online players who are passionate about live roulette games. Online casinos in Iraq are well known for the variety of live roulette games that they offer to Iraqi online players. The first form of roulette was realized in 18 century in Paris-France. Consequently, ‘Roulette’ comes from a French word which means little wheel. After that, Roulette has started to be famous in German and American Casinos to be, today, one of the most played casino games all over the world. Certainly, one can wonder about the reason why roulette has become as famous as it is today and about reasons why roulette should be tried in online casinos without any doubt. Actually, Roulette is well appreciated by online casino players thanks to its easy and simple rules. so you can retain that fun and strategy are the main features of roulette.

The reality of Live Roulette playing in Iraq

Reality of Roulette playing in IraqThe reality of Live Roulette playing in Iraq. Traditionally, there were many live casinos in Iraq. These Iraqi Casinos have been used to provide various live roulette variations as well as an array of other slot machines. These casinos were located in many big cities in Iraq such as Baghdad, Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, Duhok, and Basra. In fact, Iraqi players have been used to enjoying playing live roulette games in land based casinos for a certain substantial period of years. Nevertheless, nowadays joining land-based casinos in Iraq has become illegal. Luckily the unbelievable passion of casino games among Iraqi players has not gone in vain. Indeed, nowadays with the upcoming of online casinos in Iraq and with the widespread online casino sites Iraqi players have benefited from this chance to carry on their interest in many enjoyable casino games such as live roulette. That is if today land based casinos remain illegal online casinos are legal and online players in Iraq have never witnessed any single problem in this context. On the contrary, with the multiplication of online casinos in Iraq and the new modern techniques that casino websites offer online players have reported better comfort while playing from home. The new sophisticated tools that high technology has provided enables online players to enjoy casino games whenever and wherever they wish. They need no more to quit their personal comfort. For example nowadays Iraqi online players of live roulette are totally able to enjoy games from their laptops, different smartphones’ types and tablets.

Payment Options of Online Roulette in Iraq

PaymentPayment Options of Online Roulette in Iraq Online roulette players in Iraq generally worry about the possible payment methods. Luckily we inform you that there is no reason for this worry anymore. Most online casino websites in Iraq such as BETFINAL provide their online players an array of payment options to enjoy playing online roulette without any problem. All the offered methods are characterized by transparency, credibility, rapidity and efficiency. Henceforth, once you decide to play live roulette you have no more to think about if the available payment method fits or not. Online roulette websites in Iraq offer players different options of payment. So you can deposit with mastercard, visa card, bitcoin, and crypto. That is not all! You still have the opportunity to choose a local payment option. For example, fast-payzaincashnasspay and asiahawala are available. Now all you need is to choose comfortably which payment option that fits you the best. Take your time to opt for your personal payment method that you prefer the most. How lucky you are !You have no pressure in money transactions, all ways are possible and trustable !

Playing Roulette for Free or Real Money

Lucky for you! Our site offers you the unique opportunity to practice live roulette for free. Go ahead and Play Our Free Roulette Games! Our site offers every online casino player the chance to get familiarized with live roulette games. Everyone can try live roulette without depositing his own cash. In this way online players get to know live roulette from a closer perspective in order to understand its principles before playing it with real money. In addition to gaining experience online casino players would have the chance to play live roulette for fun with us in our site without considering any risk of money losing due to lack of knowledge. Generally the best online casinos in Iraq, for example BETFINAL, offer their online players the chance to play roulette games for free if they wish. All you need is to browse the gallery of free games and to select the roulette variation that you would like to play for free. Once you feel that you are ready to start playing for real money you can start betting comfortably.

How to Play Live Roulette?

You have heard about live roulette games and you want to get familiarized with how to play it ? You are interested in online casino games and would like to play live roulette but you don’t know how to? if you are a beginner and want to get a quick and easy guide to start playing, Don’t worry, here we explain to you how live Roulette functions! As we have already mentioned above, live roulette is one of the most played online Iraq casinos games because it is very easy to learn. Moreover, Iraqi casino players love it because it offers big chances to win huge amounts of money very easily. Now let’s see what you should know first! Roulette tables are always constrained by a wheel, a small white ball and a printed table which contains all betting options. Depending on whether you choose to play a live roulette or an online game you would have a dealer present with you for the first option, however an electronic dealer would be present for the second option. In roulette, online players have the freedom to choose to place bets on whether a single number, different grouping of members, a specific color red or black, either the number is odd or the numbers are lower between 1 and 18 or higher between 19 and 36. Every game represents a round of betting. The live or electronic dealer will spin the wheel, drop in the small white ball and then keep waiting to observe where it would land. The main goal of players to win is to make a good prediction with their bets about which number the ball would land on. After every spin of the wheel, a co;plete game reset would occur and the player starts again with new rounds. It is possible to change how to place bets from one round to another, for example it is possible to start by choosing colors black or red in the first rounds and then start to bet on specific numbers in the subsequent rounds. Once the chosen bet option is played and the predicted color or number occurs, the winnings are paid instantly. In sum, live roulette involves 3 main steps :

Place your bet : select the chip size that you desire to bet with (for example, black or red, low or high number etc.) and click on the table layout in order to place your chosen bet.

let the dealer spin the wheel : click on the ‘spin’ button.

watch the outcome : The wheel will stop and the ball will settle in one pocket.

Live Roulette Odds

Obviously live roulette is a chance game so the more players get information about its odds the more they maximize their chance to win. One can wonder about the betting odds in live roulette. You should know that there are 38 numbers from 1 to 36, 0 and 00. Note also that the house pays out 35 to 1 on gaining bets that is with the same odds for payouts on combination bets. But still hitting on live roulette can offer you chances to win big undoubtedly. Generally live roulette bets can be divided into two classes. İnside bet: Exactly like the nature of its name, it refers to the numbers that are classed in the inside of the roulette betting table. Even though the chance to win in an inside bet is slightly less than an outside bet, it offers large payouts. For example : Corner: It is also called a quarter bet. The payout would be 8:1as the player might bet on four numbers by placing chips all together in the corner. Split: The payout would be 17:1 as players bet on two adjacent numbers. Double Street: It is also called a line bet. The payout would be 5:1 as players bet on two adjoining rows of numbers. Outside bet: They are well known for offering online players the best payouts. Let’s consider some examples of outside bets : Red or Black: If the ball lands on the roulette color that the player is choosing, the pet pays out at even odds 1:1. Dozens: If the player bets on the roulette ball which is landing on one of the three following dozens (first dozen 1-12, second dozen 13-24, and third dozen 25-36) successfully the payout would be 2:1. Odd or even: In case the player successfully calls the ball landing on the odd or even, the payout at even odds would be 1:1. Note: For more details please focus on the table below in order to get information about each specific odds and payouts in online roulette. table Since lightning roulette has recently seen a huge fame in online casinos as mentioned above, let’s consider the example of odds at Lightning Roulette. A straight winning bet in Lightning Roulette pays 29-1 in case there are no multipliers applied. However, you have the chance to have a payout increasing by between 50x and 500x in case the bet you have chosen is on one of up to five numbers that are selected for a boost. So don’t miss this special variation of roulette in order to reach, you too, these high payouts thanks to the unique odds that Lightning roulette offers.

Live Roulette Strategies

Roulette Live Roulette Strategies It is true that casino games are somehow about chance, however it is also possible to adopt some tactics that might help you maximize this chance. When it comes to online roulette, whatever variation of roulette you are about to play, you still can use some helpful strategies. Here we guide you toward the most successful roulette strategies that would be useful for you. Keep reading carefully the following top roulette strategies that our experts have found out for you! Martingale: In this strategy, the system consists of doubling your bets every time you lose. In this way, you would guarantee to win again the amount of money that you have just lost. As a result, using the Martingale system you become less likely to lose your entire Bankroll and gives you the continuous chance to regain what is lost again. Oscar’s Grind: This strategy is based on a simple system that fits especially to beginners who avoid big risk-taking. It is based on a slow and progressive system that continuously keeps bets small. Labouchere: This strategy is used when online players are decisive about the specific amount of money they want to win. They change accordingly the amount of money they are betting depending on their situation whether they are winning or losing at that step. This system is based on eliminating losses by giving you the chance to observe how much you need to win to reach your own target. Fibonacci: This strategy is based on a typical Fibonacci mathematical sequence. This means if you win you might go on to the next number. However, if you lose you should take two steps back in the sequence. d’Alembert: This strategy is based on a simple and logical system and represents one of the most adopted by online roulette players. Briefly, it consists of encouraging gamers to increase their wager once they lose. In this way, gamers are seen to opt for a low-risk strategy.

Live Roulette Tips

Whether you are new or experienced in online roulette, it doesn’t matter. Online players always ask for new tips to win more money through roulette. Here we offer you an array of advice which will maximize your winning chances and support you to become a better gamer of roulette.

  • don’t play while you are drunk.
  • don’t keep playing without a break.
  • play with a certain strategy in mind and not totally haphazardly.
  • before playing for real money casino, get some practice by playing roulette for free in our site to minimize risks of losing big.
  • Get to know which variant of roulette you are playing and get information about its specificity.
  • set your own betting limit and be careful to not wager what you are unable to afford.
  • place smaller bets in order to have more chances to play for longer time.
  • choose combinations of bets to multiply the chances of making a good prediction of the outcomes.

Casino Live Roulette Variations

Like the majority of Iraq casino games, live roulette contains an array of variations. Even though the differences between these variations remain small, they still deserve to be pointed out. Depending on the country from which you are connected and the type of casino where you play live roulette games differ. Mainly the most famous roulette variations are those which are cited below. We have found out for you the roulette variations that you can come across.

European Roulette:

European roulette is the variation that provides the best player odds. Unlike American roulette, European roulette does not contain a double ‘0’ which consequently reduces the house edge.

American Roulette:

As you might have guessed, American roulette is the version of roulette that you find the most in American casinos. It is basically similar to European roulette except for the difference in ‘0’ as mentioned above. American roulette is widespread in online casinos, especially in Iraq casinos.

French Roulette:

French roulette is very similar to European roulette. There is only a difference in the betting board appearance between these two variations. Both of them have a single ‘0’ and have the same payouts.

3D Roulette:

This variation of roulette is very realistic. It offers players a different excitement by using unparalleled graphics and high quality.

Mini Roulette:

It is a less common form of roulette but quite played in online casinos. It is characterized by its smaller wheel, fewer numbers and fewer betting options.

Live Dealer Roulette:

Contrary to electronic dealers, live dealers are very popular in online casinos. Live dealer casinos offer online players the chance to enjoy the experience of real life casinos from their own homes.

Arabic Roulette:

In Arabic roulette dealers are Arabic and give the chance to chat with other players in Arabic language. In addition it offers the opportunity to have an autoplay function which is quite rare in every online casino website. However it is available at the BETFINAL.

Lightning Roulette:

Lightning roulette has been awarded Product Innovation of the year at the Global Gaming Awards in 2018. This is due to its particularity in offering massive multiplayer scalability. Unlimited online players can compete together. In addition, Lightning roulette covers another stunning particularity. In each round, a lucky number (1-5) gets struck by lightning and given multiplied payouts (50x to 500x). Like in the standard live European roulette, in lightning variation, players have the possibility to bet on the full range of the roulette bets. However, they have extra chances to gain by randomly generated lucky payouts and lucky numbers. Multipliers range from 50x to 500x. In lightning roulette every lucky number pays one of the lucky payouts (50 to 500) 1 in case the ball lands on the lucky number. Note that non-multiplied straight bets pay 30:1.

Great Welcome Promotions for Live Roulette Players

When you join an online Iraq casino you should expect more casino bonus chances than a real-life casino. Especially when it comes to online roulette in Iraq, players have the opportunity to benefit from various promotions. These bonuses for live roulette players in Iraq casinos range from new players’ welcome bonuses to promotions that earn them cash back on their play. For example at our recommended Iraq casino for online players, BETFINAL, every live roulette gamer would be able to enjoy a generous welcome bonus from his first deposit or no deposit bonus. In addition, extra promotions are offered throughout the ongoing live roulette play. Briefly, before starting to play online casino you should acknowledge the bonuses that you are able to enjoy and the additional promotions that are available on the live roulette page of Iraq casino. You can, therefore, combine it with favorable odds which are available in European roulette or in Arabic roulette in order to get more value by playing online casino than any real player in real life casinos. Keep strategic and earn big with online roulette in Iraq casino!

Online Roulette Providers in Iraq casinos

Nowadays the majority of the best online casinos use live dealer softwares. After focusing on the available platforms, our experts have gathered for you the top best online roulette providers list as follows.

Evolution Gaming

The foundation of Evolution Gaming in 2006 has approximately dominated the online casino industry. It is producing the widest range of online live games all over the world. It is streaming online live games from a large number of studios in more than ten different countries. One of the online live games that this industry streams is Live Roulette. It offers live roulette fans the chance to enjoy a stunning world gambling experience at a large spectrum of various live roulette tables. The live platform that Evolving Gaming offers combines various attractive features ranging from multiple camera angles and high quality of sounds to slow-motion replays. It offers a full HD stream that invites online roulette players to a real and profound roulette world. Note that lightning roulette is one example of the live roulette variations that Evolution Gaming provide.


Founded in 1996 in Sweden, NetEnt is one of the oldest and most famous casino software developers all over the world. The uniqueness of NetEnt consists in the fact that live roulette variations are specifically goaled for mobile using. It offers the players who use a SmartPhone some advanced options from portrait and landscape modes. It also enables players to toggle between various camera angles as they wish to. In addition to English, NetEnt company has paid attention to provide many other languages to online live roulette players. Live European Roulette and French Roulette are involved in NetEnt.


It is considered as one of the most recent suppliers of live dealer software. This industry streams live action from 20 and more tables involving both private and public studios in different countries. Even though the roulette variations that Ezugi involves are less than those offered by Evolution Gaming company, it still has its own unique options that marks its success. For example it offers online roulette players the option to try live roulette for free without depositing money. In addition, Ezugi offers more than 6 languages to the online live roulette players in order to make them feel comfortable with the language they desire to use. Over The Top Roulette and Auto Roulette are the variations that Ezugi includes.

Vivo Gaming

Even though Vivo Gaming represents a young supplier of live dealer software, it pays big attention to provide online live roulette players with authentic gaming content. It has Asian and Caribbean studios. It offers quick and high-quality in-browser access through different devices ranging from desktop to mobile casino. The main option that Vivo Gaming provides to online live roulette fans is that it offers them more time between spins in order to decide comfortably which bets are coming next. Note that Classic European Roulette is streamed by the Vivo Gaming company. Note: As mentioned above our experts have come to a consensus about the special advantages of Betfinal site for online casinos. We would like to reassure you that BETFINAL involves different online roulette variations. Online roulette dealers in Betfinal provide Iraqi players with premium games involving the best online roulette providers ranging from evolution, ezugi , and pragmatic play to Vivo Gaming. When it comes to roulette, Lightning roulette is one of the most stunning options that specify betfinal site for online casino games. Classified as the best new popular roulette variation, lighting roulette in Betfinal enables players in Iraq to win 500x their stake . This means with a 100 usd stake they can even win 50.000 in one spin!!!!! Do not miss this gift !

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we cite for you the top 3 questions that are the most asked by online roulette players. Our experts have searched the questions that occupy the most online roulette players and have traced for you the following explanations. You might wonder about these questions too so keep reading to get an answer to your misunderstandings.

Is there a site to understand and practice different roulette variations for free before starting to play for real money?

Of Course! and what is more improving than our present site Indeed, this site offers the chance to enjoy learning by practicing different roulette variations for free.

Is winning big in online roulette possible?

Undoubtedly you can win big through online roulette. Make sure that gaining much money by betting on roulette is not a myth. You can benefit from the tips that our experts have found out above. Is there an online casino in Iraq that you recommend starting playing

Online roulette with real money after practicing in

As recommended above, our experts have ensured that BETFINAL is one of the best online Iraq casinos ever that every online player can trust. This site offers a variety of roulette variations as well as a good explanation of every variation between starting to play with real money casino.
So don’t hesitate to visit BETFINAL ‘s pages of roulette and to win a lot of money from online roulette games. We wish lots of luck!