Magic Poker is a newer poker game from Wazdan. This release contains many unprecedented profitable features that are not available on any previous poker game. The game interface has a very enticing layout that is compatible with mobile devices and PCs. The betting limits on this game will satisfy all players as it starts from 0.10 to 100 dollars per spin.

The game is based on the basic rules of poker where the players should place a blind bet (initial bet) before receiving any card, then he will be dealt 2 cards and 3 common cards will be placed on the table. So, he should decide whether to continue the game and double his initial bet (call) or quit if he feels that his hand is weak and likely will lose (fold).

The main advantage of Magic Poker is that you will not compete with anyone or with the game algorithms, but you will get a reward according to your hand ranking; The weakest winning hand is the pair, while the strongest hand on the is five of a kind.

The game has two special bonuses. When you get 3 cards of the same suit or 4 cards of the same suit, they will be fixed to the next spin to grant you sure double winnings! The highest ever win you can get from this game is 5 cards of the same suit which pays up to 8000 x the stake.

You can now enjoy a free Magic Poker experience through this page without the need to download any app, create a new account or make a deposit, all you have to do is click on the Play Now link to enjoy the game for free via the browser of your smartphone, tablet or computer. While if you want to collect real winnings from this game choose a casino from our recommendations and create a new account there, make a deposit, and start playing and winning!

Try Magic Poker now for free on this page and see how magic can increase your returns!

Game Type



RTP Percentage


Betting Limits

$0.10 – $100

Max Winning


Magic Poker Pay Table

Hand CombinationPayout
5 of a kind800x
Royal flush600x
Straight flush100x
4 of a kind40x
Full house12x
3 of a Kind5x
2 Pairs3x

Features of Magic Poker

The game reward 2 of a kind and 3 of a kind hands handsomely with double profits. So, when you play the game try to predict the cards that will be matched with another one or two cards in the next round. Don’t try to collect the jack and queen to hit the royal flush, this hand is obviously impossible to get! While if you get 2 pairs you will get 3x the stake amount and an additional 3x in the next round.

Also, Magic Poker contains many functional features. For example, you can enable the battery-saving mode to play for a longer time on a low battery but you will sacrifice the visual quality. Also, you can choose to play in portrait mode, landscape mode, original display, or the full screen.

As for the playing pace, the game offers 3 modes; slow, fast, and ultra-fast modes. According to your playing style, you can choose the most suitable one. The strategic players who prefer to have more time predicting the worthy cards will likely choose the slow pace mode, while players who prefer to depend on luck will choose the fast or ultrafast gameplay.

If you want to review the game rules rapidly while playing just click on the (i) icon beneath the game’s screen to open the rules page, then you can resume playing.

Although it isn’t available in the demo version, players can access the game’s previous spins results in the real money version to find out what are the hot and cold cards!