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Najaf is one of the most ancient and famous Islamic cities. Millions of Muslims, especially Shiites, come here to visit the holy shrines. This governorate is located 160 km from the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and covers an area of ​​28 thousand square km. It is said that the Caliph Harun al-Rashid was the one who established this city in 791 AD.

Before, Najaf district belonged to the Karbala region before it became an independent province. Linguistically, the word “Najaf” means to a place in the belly of the valley that is not covered by water.

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One and a half million people live in this city, according to the latest report issued by the Iraqi Ministry of Planning for the year 2015. The governorate contains many famous traditional markets such as the Al-Abayjiah market, which people People would come from miles around to buy Arab clothes (Arab cloak), unique sweets (fat) and pickles (Al-Tarshi Al-Madbes).

Other prominent landmarks that characterize this city are the shops selling rare rosaries, rings and precious stones. In addition to its famous market for gold and jewellery. Najaf Governorate is famous for rice cultivation. It and Al-Qadisiyah Governorate are the only two cities in which rice cultivation is concentrated, and its total area is 76 thousand hectares.

People of Najaf enjoys high socio-economic levels. With that being said, they are deprived from all gambling activities as they are unlawful in Iraq. In addition, since it is a city sacred to millions of Shiites worldwide, it is difficult for any gambling establishments to exist there even if they are operating illegally! However, people who live in Najaf still have the chance to enjoy their preferred casino games on the internet securely and without breaking the law!

In this guide, we will look at the legal status of gambling in Najaf and how to start playing on Najaf casino online? Also, what are the offered games on Najaf online casino? And how to maintain your privacy while playing in a casino in Najaf?

The Legal Status of Gambling in Najaf

As mentioned in the intro, Iraqi law has zero-tolerance for traditional gambling activities. According to Article 389 of the Penal Code, anyone who gambles is liable to imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year and a fine of 100 dinars or one of these two penalties. The punishment also includes local money changers on the gambling facilities

As for the players are punished with imprisonment for a month or a fine not exceeding 50 Dinars. Subsequently, it is a horrible risk/reward win equation that you will not consider under any case. Gambling was invented to risk money for profit and pleasure, but it was not created to risk your freedom and get caught by the police!

Frankly, there are many roulette halls in Baghdad and Erbil that operate illegally; Sometimes the civilian police and the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) raid these facilities and arrest everyone there. So, it is never wise to go to these places.

Does this mean that you can’t enjoy Najaf casino games in Iraq? No, of course, you can, but online!

What Is the Najaf Casino Online?

Internet casinos are a great option to enjoy your favourite games at any time and from any place. All you need is an electronic device with an active internet connection only. Moreover, there are no risky tricks you need to do to maintain your privacy, as Najaf casino sites secures your data with the state of the art protection technology, SSL and TLS, to keep it away from any unallowed third-party intervention.

In other words, these protocols create a unique end-to-end channel between your device and the Najaf casino server, and nobody can access this channel.

Reputable Iraqi sites utilize the most robust antivirus apps to secure their platforms from hacker attacks, such as Net Nanny, Kaspersky, and AVG.

To offer comprehensive protection to all players, online casinos require users to secure their accounts using the following standards:

  • A long password of 8 characters or more should contain a mix of numbers and symbols.
  • Set 3 – 5 security questions and answer them in case if you forget your password.
  • If you use the Najaf casino app, you can secure your login by your fingerprint or Face ID.
  • Before accepting your first withdrawal request, Najaf casino will ask you to send photos of your ID and utility bill to proof address. This procedure, KYC, is being implemented on all banks, insurance companies, and any other entity that deal with the users’ personal and payment data. It is required to ensure that the user has given his personal data and not impersonate another one.

With all that said, we can conclude that the online casino in Najaf is very safe for all players. The second point that may occupy your mind is how online gambling games work?

How Najaf Onine Casino Games Work?

To make the explanation easier for rookies, we should classify casino games into two main categories; RNG games and live casino games.
The RNG games are video web-based games that have pre-recorded graphical interface which imitates the game elements. For example, if you open an RNG roulette game, you will see an animated roulette wheel and a picture of a betting table. You can place your bet from the control panel at the bottom of the game’s screen.
All outcomes of these games are generated by the RNG algorithms randomly and without any human intervention. Of course, the technology is not new to you, but perhaps it is the first time you know its name. Let’s say any video game relies on “chance” for any of its events or outcomes is an RNG game!
The full range of casino games is available on the RNG mode, including video slots, jackpot slots, roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat, and live dealer games.

RNG Casino Games Myths

There are a lot of common myths about this technique. Myth #1, casinos can interfere with the results of random number generators! Undoubtedly, it is a myth that all Najaf casino games internal files, matrix, and codes are stored on the game’s providers servers’ only. Thus, Najaf casino sites only host them virtually, and they can’t influence the games’ outcomes in any way.

Myth #2, players can plug themselves into the Najaf casino games’ matrix! Sure, this is illogical; Players only can use the game’s control panel to place a bet, run the game, customize the playing pace, take a look at the game’s rules only.

Myth #3, RNG games pay less than traditional casino games. This belief is common among players who still prefer to go to land-based casinos over internet gambling venues. However, it isn’t true at all! Each RNG casino game has a known RTP percentage (Return to player) that has been confirmed and approved by the legitimate gambling authority that the casino has its license and independent bodies like (eCogra and iTest Labs).

Live Games on Najaf Onine Casino

Whether you if don’t prefer playing against a computer or carving to play in a land-based casino, the live casino will be a suitable solution for enjoying your favourite games in an authentic atmosphere free of codes, matrix, and computers.

Although these games are a modern, new form of online gambling, it is now the hottest trend on the industry. They can’t be compared with any virtual iGaming product, and they are just like the Las Vegas games as you will participate on a real table, be presented with real life dealers and played in real-time. Dealers on these games use real cards, physical roulette, and real rolling dice.

When playing live casino games, you will be able to use the live chat function to get in touch with dealers and other fellow players.

Although you’re watching them, croupiers of live casino games can’t see you, but they can read the messages you’ve sent via live chat and reply to them verbally. In addition, many live games encourage communication between croupiers and players. For instance, you may find games presented by two dealers who throw jokes and take in many aspects in a friendly manner.

All the casino games are presented on the live gaming settings, including roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat, keno, and craps. In addition, eventually, many live games providers started offering live slots games.

Just imagine that you can access real casinos in Najaf via your mobile device while lying on your sofa at home! In addition to the immersive gaming experience, you stand a chance to obtain huge returns as the live casino games offer madly high multipliers. For example, the lightning roulette game provides a multiplier of 500x the stake amount.

1. Do Online Najaf Casino Safe and Secure?

Yes, the majority of Najaf casino sites holds the licenses of legitimate authorities like UKGC, Curacoa Gaming Control Board, and many more. In addition, they protect your personal and payment data by the SSL and TLS protocols.

2. How Can I Make Transactions at Najaf Online Casino?

You can make transactions using banking cards, wallets, and cryptos. However, before creating a new account on the casino, you should make sure that it accepts your preferred payment methods. There are many Iraqi casinos that accept local payment solutions such as Betfinal which accepts Fast-Pay and Nass-pay.

3. Can I Access Najaf Online Casino Through Mobile?

Yes, you can open the casino platform through any handheld device. In addition, there are many casinos that offer a special app to download through App Store or Google Play.

4. What Is the Difference Between Live Casino Games and RNG Games?

The live casino games are more sophisticated, presented in a real atmosphere, and offer an authentic game experience, while the RNG games are computerized games, have a visual appearance that mimics the real casino games, and are programmed to give random outcomes.