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As the name itself suggest, Iraqbetting is a local online casino that focuses on iraqi players even though they doesn’t offer the website in kurdish language! the domain is irqbet which means they couldn’t get a real name and only created to get some profit! this casino doesn’t hold any license and as you can see when you open it the browser indicates that your connection on this website is not secure! which means you should avoid joining this website because your personal and financial data will not be protected, However, We review every detail of iraqbetting or as the domain Irqbet to insight you about it.

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Irqbet Website Design

Irqbet uses a simple and common design that even used by delalbet too and there is not a single innovation in it, the background is a football stadium and the same menu as delalbet that is a real confuse because of four different casino buttons, it uses many colors like white, red, blue , yellow and black that make is it not alluring for users, at the top there is a red menu which the sections are : Home, Sport, Live, Casino, Todays Matches, Casino (New slot), Casino (Slot), Casino (Virtual) and Casino (Live). by having these sections for example a slot lover wouldn’t now which part he might look to find the preferred slot game, the website supports English and Arabic languages and there is important sections at the bottom that doesn’t link to any pages! which is really unfortunate because the links are : About, Private Information and FAQ.

Iraqbetting games

The online casino have multiple part about casino games, but we couldn’t guarantee it is fairness of these games because they doesn’t hold any certificate and the browsers indicates that connection in this website is not secure, However, our expert teams review all their parts:


The biggest part of the casino and two main different section; Slots and New slots, these games are known for a high percentage of RTP (return to player) and they are loved by millions, However, in iraqbetting the new slots that they are called are provided by : NetEnt, Novomatic, Ainsworth, Aristocrat, and Amatic, but there is only 35 titles in there which is a small number because real casinos offers more than 500 different titles and keep providing new ones every week, When we clicked on the other part which is casino (slot) we saw that there is blackjack, poker, and roulette games in here that if a players looks for them they wouldn’t find! because they are under the name of slots. Therefore, you might never find your favorite slots in irqbet.

Virtual Games

Surprisingly! this is only for attracting players, because when you enter to this one you will find that most of the games are from slots, which are already exist in casino (slot), then it means you can’t play the virtual games because it is only several old games that are not even used in reputable online casinos.

Sports Betting

Iraqbetting offers sports betting as part of their online casino but it is not as much as alluring as the global ones, because their sports are only a few number such as: Football, Basketball, Tennis, Ice Hockey, American Football, Rugby and electronic games. these sports is really limited because other bookmaker offers more than 50 different sports compare to only 6 sports that irqbet offers, However, even in this games theirs small betting options and the odds are really less than bookmakers as bet365 and betfinal.

sports betting irqbet
sports betting irqbet

Bonus & Promotions at Iraqbetting

Irqbet indicates that they are exist since 2013, but they are still doesn’t offer any innovation or they don’t even care about their customers, the online casino doesn’t offer any type of bonus or promotion and we couldn’t find anything in the website about frequently asked questions to know if they ever had any bonus, so you might need to join another online casino that gives you a proper welcome with a bonus and more promotions to their loyal players.

Data Protect & Reliability

When you first enter the website look at the browser link that there is a lock sign, for irqbet it says the connection is not secure! which it means you are in dangerous and your data are not protected while you are on the website, players on the online casinos enter their confidentiality and payment information into the website and by that your money will be at risk, iraqbetting doesn’t use any protection or encryption protocol to protect your personal and financial data and none gambling authorization gave them license, which means the casino is not hold any certificate. Therefore, we recommend you to not register in this website and look for a reputable, certificated, and trusted online casino.

Payment Methods

We are always looking for the most important criteria of each online casino, and of course payment options is one of them because it affects the players ability to play in the casino, However, we couldn’t find any cashier tab at irqbet to know which payment methods it supports, and even the FAQ button doesn’t link to any page to see if anyone asked about it.

Customer Support

When you are playing at an online casino it is always possible to have a question or face an issue at the time playing, global online casinos and bookmakers have a professional customer care team to always support their players, However, iraqbetting doesn’t offer customer support service and there is no way to contact them via hotline, chat or even email. so you might never get the help you need at iraqbetting.


Iraqbetting doesn’t provide a trusted gambling environment to let you play without risk, their gaming library is limited and doesn’t offer too many options, the platform have a simple and common design that there is no innovation in it, there is none information about the payment methods the casino support, iraqbettingdoesn’t use any data protection protect to make you feel safe about your personal and financial information, and the most important thing, this online casino is not secure and doesn’t hold any certificate or license from a known regulation. Therefore, we as recommend you to not join this website and risk your data and real money, instead look for another online casino who are reputable and trusted.