If you want to enjoy a high-quality card game with easy gameplay, simple rules, and a wide betting range, then you should try Premium Blackjack! This game was launched by Playtech several years ago.

Playtech is a market leader in video casino games. without exaggeration, All of its releases have superb visual quality and easy gameplay. Premium Blackjack is available on all computers, smartphones and tablets.

The betting limits on this game are very wide which will please players with different budgets. Furthermore, you can bet one, two and up to 5 hands at a time to get more winning odds in each spin.

Although this game is based on Random Number Generators (RNG), Playtech said on its official website that the game contains 6 packs of cards, and after each round, these cards are shuffled, so there is no way to implement the card counting strategy. However, you still have the opportunity to apply the basic strategy!

This game is based on the well-known rules of blackjack where an ace can equal 1 or 11 according to what suits the player/dealer’s hand more. Face cards equal 10. While the numbers from 2 to 10 equal their values. The dealer has to stand on 16 hard or 17 soft.

The dealer’s decisions are applied automatically within the game according to the standard blackjack rules. While the players are free to play with their hands and take any decision they want.

You can play 1 hand, 2 hands and up to 5 hands at the same time. However, you have to focus on all the hands you bet on to win. You can also split your hand if it contains any pair of cards but you cannot resplit them again if you get one more pair. Besides, you can double your bet on your hand almost any time after the first bet round.

If the dealer’s face card is an ace, you can place the insurance bet to get some winnings if the dealer has a blackjack. However, we do not recommend buying this bet as its odds are very low.

Game type


RTP ratio


Betting limits

$0.01 – $10,000

Additional benefits

  • Insurance bet
  • Perfect Pairs side bet
  • Perfect for casual and pro players
  • Fast mode
  • Suitable betting limits for all players

Additional Features of Premium Blackjack

Although many RNG blackjack games are filled with additional lucrative features such as joker cards and bonus rounds, Premium Blackjack has relatively fewer features as compared to its counterparts.

In this game, you can place side bets like Perfect Pairs, 21+3, and insurance bets which offer huge profits but have very low winning odds. In addition, the game contains a lot of different functional features such as the ability to turn on / cancel sound effects, full-screen mode, and the turbo mode feature which makes the playing style faster

Since that this game is in HTML5 format You can play it on any platform with no difference.

Try the Game Now For Free!

On this page, you can try Premium Blackjack in completely free mode without having to download an app, sign up for a new account or make a deposit; Just click on the “play now” tab to start playing. The game will offer you 10,000 virtual funds if you are run out of this value, you can press the Refresh button to get another 10,000. Also, on our website, we offer many other casino games in the demo mode that you can play on your mobile or PC easily.


Premium Blackjack is one of the best RNG blackjack games that you can try! This game is based on high-quality graphics, immersive sound effects, and easy gameplay. Also, it can be a perfect choice for novice players who want to learn the game’s rules easily. The minimum bet starts from just $0.01 while the maximum amount goes up to $10,000. So, players from all budgets can participate and have fun!