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General laws :

 These laws define the privacy policy set by the director of the site to ensure the protection of personal data related to the site.

  • The director of the platform considers the need to respect civil and personal rights and freedoms.
  • These conditions are applied by the director of the platform to all information he takes regarding visitors to the site.

Conditions to be applied in the policy of privacy:

  • Data processing: any protection and order of information using different programs.
  • Hiding information: i.e. temporarily stopping the processing of information (regardless of some cases that require processing).
  • Website: Is a collection of information, in addition to some software that ensures that the platform remains online using the network address
  • The general structure of data: a set of personal information within the databases.
  • Personal information: Information belonging to a particular user.
  • User: Is a visitor to the site.
  • Destruction of personal information: i.e. deleting information from the site is impossible to return.
  • Links Profiles: A collection of information obtained by the visitor through the website as a request from HTTP every time he opens the page.

The platform manager has the right to process the personal data of the visitor to the site:

The platform manager collects the following information:

  • IP address.
  • Browser type.
  • Screen clarity.
  • The language used.
  • The time space.
  • Operating system.
  • The type of device.
  • E-mail address that ensures presence on the site.

The purpose of processing personal information:

  • The user’s emails are sent to allow him access to the site’s services.
  • The platform manager has the right to view advertisements related to the services of the site and deliver them to the user. The user is also entitled to cancel his subscription from the notices of the ads by sending a message to the platform manager entitled “Cancel subscription” .
  • Blocked visitor information is used to gather information about visitor events on the platform.

Links profiles:

  • All users must use link profiles so they can use the website .
  • The links profiles include a set of user identification information regarding the website and the way the user uses it.
  • Through user settings available on the site, the user can stop link profiles, while allowing the user to use websites. The user can note the help list to help him stop cookies because of the different websites.

Processing personal data from the collection, transfer and other processes:

  • All legal procedures necessary to achieve integrity in the protection of personal information are applied.
  • The site manager provides guarantees to protect all personal information and prevent anyone who is not authorized to access this information.
  • It is forbidden to send personal information to any third party.
  • The user has the right to make adjustments to his personal information if there is an error by sending a message to the site manager.
  • Allows the user to cancel the processing of personal data by sending a message to the site manager entitled “Cancel data processing.”

Final conditions:

  • The user can obtain the method of processing his personal data by communicating with the site manager through the communication form.
  • This document remains in force until it is replaced by another document.
  • The site manager has the right to update the site’s privacy policy.
  • Only the English version can be downloaded, while other copies in non-English languages are published for consultation only.