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Although online gambling is a fun and profitable activity for millions of online players in Iraq and all over the world. However, some players may it difficult to control their gambling habits and suffer severe losses in every walk of life. Although we do not provide direct gambling services to our visitors, it is our moral duty to point out the significant harm gambling addiction can cause to sufferers, and we encourage our readers to seek professional help when experiencing any of the symptoms of problem gambling.

What Is the Gambling Addiction?

Although gambling does not involve the consumption of certain substances (as in the case of drugs and alcohol), it shares some components with these types. In all addictions, the addict cannot rely on his will to stop because it slips! For example, if he decides to quit gambling, he will return shortly after.
In addition, gambling addiction exhausts their life savings, causing troubles in their businesses, and putting their relationships at risk.

What Are the Symptoms of Compulsive Gambling?

First, it is important to realize that gambling addiction is a mental illness; That is, the sufferer has an innate predisposition to this particular addiction. Nevertheless, he is able, albeit slightly, to control his addiction and recover from it. Some of the symptoms of gambling addiction are:

  • Raging desire to bet with increasing amounts to get the same thrill and excitement. The addict can’t place small bets or commit to a certain budget; He only increases his bets whether if he gains or losses.
  • Feeling very angry if he stops wagering, or if something happens that makes him stop gambling such as losing all the money at his disposal.
  • Too many unsuccessful attempts to stop gambling.
  • Constant thinking about gambling (such as Feeling proud of old winnings even if they already turned in losses, planning the next gambling session, thinking of ways to get more money to gamble).
  • Most addicts gamble when they feel negative emotions such as depression or guilt.
  • They often chase their losses.
  • Lying to hide gambling activities.
  • Risking an important relationship, educational opportunity, or the career due to gambling.

How to Tackle the Problem Gambling Issue?

From the beginning, you should have chosen a reputable casino from our recommendation list, then if you find any troubles in controlling your gambling behaviour you can depend on the internal voluntary self-exclusion scheme options, including deposit cap, freezing your account for a certain period, or completely delete your account on the casino. To activate any of these options, contact the support service through the live chat, email, or phone hotline, explain the situation to them, and ask them to apply your desired option.