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Although it is not as famous as Erbil Governorate, Sulaymaniyah is one of the most famous cities in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The Kurdish Prince Ibrahim Suleiman Pasha founded this city in November 1784. It is located in this province in northeastern Iraq, adjacent to the Islamic Republic of Iran border. Sulaymaniyah is characterized by its charming mountainous nature and it is more than 2000 meters above sea level, which means that the temperature is wonderful, especially during the summer.

More than 2.2 million people inhabit the city, the most widely spoken language there is the Kurdish language, which is the primary language of the Kurdistan region. Most of the population are Kurds, but there is a limited percentage of Arabs. Recently, this city has gained particular fame among tourists from the Middle East and worldwide, especially with the significant development witnessed recently.

Despite Sulaymaniyah is a touristic city and its residents are wealthy, all the conventional gambling activities there are prohibited! However, this isn’t the case with online gambling sites, as the online casinos and sports betting sites are operated by companies that work from abroad and has no relation with the Iraqi authorities. The Iraqi law doesn’t prohibit online Sulaymaniyah casino activities. In addition, the security institutions in Iraq or any other country in the world cannot recognize and track users’ online activities! Therefore, enjoying casino games and sports betting on Sulaymaniyah doesn’t involve any risk.

In addition, the online Sulaymaniyah casino secures your personal and financial data by state of the art encryption which cannot be hacked by any party. Also, the reputable Sulaymaniyah online casino doesn’t share your data with any party inside or outside Iraq.

On this page, we will throw light on how to play on Sulaymaniyah casino safely and securely, what is the best games you can find, and the crucial differences between the online and real casinos in Sulaymaniyah.

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Is There Any Penalty For Online Gambling in Iraq?

Despite that Kurdistan Region has gained partial independence in 2017, the Iraqi penal code is still in the act on Sulaymaniyah, Erbil, and other Kurdistan provinces. In other words, it is not permitted for anyone to establish a real casino in Sulaymaniyah.

According to Article 389 of the Iraqi Penal Code, gambling is prohibited in all public, private, and jointly owned places. Accordingly, the Iraqi police carry out regular raids on any unlawful gambling facility, and the following penalties are implemented against the convicts:

  • People who own or operate a gambling venue are liable to imprisonment or a fine of 100 Iraqi dinars.
  • People who gamble in these facilities will be imprisoned for 3 months or pay a fine of 50 USD.

However, this isn’t the case with online gambling, as no provision in the Iraqi Penal Code prohibits playing on the internet Sulaymaniyah casino! In addition, the local authorities don’t own the means for tracking users’ activities on the Internet.

On their side, the reputable online Sulaymaniyah casinos employ SSL and TLS encryptions to secure your deposits and withdrawals. Also, they undertake not to share your financial or personal data with any third party.

Moreover, you can get an extra layer of security by using a proxy or VPN service.

What Is the Internet Sulaymaniyah casino?

Sulaymaniyah online casinos are investment companies that work from abroad, carry licenses of many legitimate authorities, and offer their services to all players around the globe. Internet Sulaymaniyah casino sites operate legally and provide their players with high quality and excellent gaming experience.

Each casino in Sulaymaniyah cooperates with many games providers to offer a prolific game catalogue that includes games appealing to each taste.

In numerical terms, Sulaymaniyah online casino offers a range of between 1,000 to +5,000 games. Also, most of the online gambling venues constantly add new releases to their game lobby. All these games are developed in the HTML5 format, which means that they all are accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.

Online games of the casino in Sulaymaniyah have a graphic interface that mimics the elements of a traditional game. The results of these games are generated by the RNG code, which is a vital component of any virtual game. This code is responsible for giving unpredictable, random, and fair results for each round/ spin. Indeed, games creators, online casinos, and players can’t influence this algorithm or plug their hands into the game matrix; Simply because the game and the whole of internal files are stored only on the provider’s server, and nobody can access it!

Many newbies on Sulaymaniyah casino think that online casinos develop their games internally. However, this isn’t true at all! Online casinos source their iGaming content from developers for a monthly fee. As for the game itself, it never leaves the developer’s servers, and neither the casino nor the players can download its files to their own devices.

The second kind of games available on Sulaymaniyah casino is the live dealer games, aired straight from land-based casinos located in many European countries. These games are realistic in every detail; The human dealers deal with real cards, spin physical roulette, and roll factual dice. Also, they give you a chance to socialize with the dealers and fellow players. The live dealer games have very high streaming quality, are compatible with all mobile devices without exception, and have reasonable betting limits.

What Are the Available Games on Sulaymaniyah casino?

Every online casino offers the same gaming package that you can find in conventional casinos. In addition, it offers other innovative types that are not even found in the most luxurious Las Vegas casinos!

These games have bet limits to suit different budgets; The bet value per spin starts at just €1 and goes up to a maximum of €5000. Moreover, if you decide to place real money, you will stand a chance to get extra bonuses to play for more time with lesser risks. Quite the reverse, real casinos in Sulaymaniyah require expensive bets and don’t give any bonuses or rewards even for their loyalist players!

Next is a brief outline of the most exciting games that you can play on the Sulaymaniyah online casino.

Online Slots

Slots are games for every player! These games continuously acquire between 60% to 80% of the total Sulaymaniyah casino lobby. Therefore, they are the most popular and attractive among players around the world. Slots do not require any skills or strategies, they are straightforward and are aimed at a general and non-specialist audience. So, all novice and professional players can easily make huge profits from them.

To start playing, first, you need to place a bet then press the spin button, if you manage to hit the winning combination, you will get a winning. Also, you can get additional payouts from the game’s bonus features like free spins, avalanche reels, cascade wins, gamble features, and many more.

There are many kinds of slots games, and most common are the classic slots, video slots, and jackpot games. Each type has its own features and traits. For instance, classic slots have a shallow volatility level, meaning that your balance won’t wobble when you play it for a long time. In contrast, video slots include a massive number of paylines and offer larger prizes. Finally, the jackpot slots games offer gigantic grand prize that increases with every bet the player places on the game till one lucky player reap its total amount.


“Roulette” is a French word meaning the small wheel. The game was invented in the 16th century by the famous French mathematician, Blaise Pascal, who invented it to prove his mathematical probability theory. But, the French casino owners have found a great way to gamble! So, they have modified the way it works and set it up to add it to their casinos.

After that, the game was modified and prepared to suit the European audience. When Europeans started to immigrate to America, this game also migrated, and there, the American version was created.

Besides the French, European, and American roulette games, you can also play the innovative variants like lightning roulette which offer an additional 500x the stake amount on randomly chosen 3 – 5 straight bets.

Roulette is very simple, easy, and straightforward! The game begins with the player places a bet on an inside/ outside bet on the roulette wheel. Then, the dealer will throw the ball on the revolving wheel; If the ball hits the option you bet on, you will get back your stake plus your payout.


Blackjack is a casino banked game, and it is a precious game on Sulaymaniyah casino as it depends on skills, strategy, and ability to make the right decision at the right time!

The game starts when the player places a blind bet on his hand before getting any card. Then, the dealer will draw himself and the player two cards. If the player’s hand is stronger than the dealer but not exceeding 21 points, the player will win.


Poker games are offered in many variants on Sulaymaniyah casino. On top of them are the video poker games, which have gameplay like live slots, but they depend on the primary hand ranking of poker. Also, you can try the live poker games in which you compete with the dealer, and the winner is who gets the higher hand on the table.

All poker games involve both skills and strategies, as you need to predict your opponent’s hand and his subsequent decision.

Live Casino

Real-time casino games are for those who crave an authentic gambling experience in which they can face real opponents, not the game’s computer! In addition, these games give you a chance to show off your skills, throw jokes, and socialize with dealers and other fellow players.

The full range of the table games is offered in the live casino. Also, many game shows are presented in the live setting, such as: (Monopoly live, gonzo’s quest, and crazy time).

1. Does Sulaymaniyah Casino Legit?

Yes, these casinos carry licenses of many legitimate authorities, like UKGC, Curacoa Gaming Board, and Cyprus Gaming Board.

2. Can I Access Casino in Sulaymaniyah Fron My Smartphone?

Yes, all modern online casinos offer a responsive web-based mobile platform that you can access through any browser easily.

3. What Is the Deposit Limits at the casino in Sulaymaniyah Online?

It depends on the Sulaymaniyah casino that you play on, but it ranges between $10 to $25.

4. What Is the Accepted Payment Methods on Sulaymaniyah casino?

Sulaymaniyah online casino accepts banking cards, E-Wallets, local Iraqi mobile wallets, and crypto