Game companies offer more titles almost every month, while some versions offer high earnings, some games have high graphic quality, and others offer additional exciting features, Turbo Poker combines all these traits! Wazdan launched this game in 1992, more than two decades ago, however, it made many improvements and creative additions to it to suit the modern era.

Turbo Poker is a video poker game, meaning that it is based on the mechanism of slot machines but it shows cards and hand ranking of poker. So, the game depends on both luck and skill. The RTP percentage of this game is 95.94% and it has a low volatility level meaning that for every 10 spins you will win 2 or more.

The game has reasonable design and graphics, and adequate sound effects. Since that the game works in HTML5 format it is available on all smartphones, tablets, and PCs and you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere without any glitches.

You can enjoy the free demo version of Turbo Poker on this page without the need to download a program or sign up for a new account. All you need to do is choose and sign up for one of our recommended casinos to play for real money.

Game Type

Video Poker



RTP Percentage


Video Poker

Betting Limits

€0.10 – €100

Max Winning


Additional Features

✓ Cross-platform game

✓ High Payouts

✓ Players can pin cards for the next round

✓ Energy-saving mode

✓ Low volatility game

Turbo Poker Game Rules

Turbo Poker Game Rules

There are no stringent rules in the Turbo Poker game! All you have to do is to place a bet on the game. Then, if you are dealt two pairs or better, you will your bet! If you hit precious cards but they aren’t part of any combination, you can pin them to the next round to get one more winning chance. Also, you can pin the winning cards to repeat your win once more!

The game algorithms will stick the cards that are likely to win in the next rounds, but you can change these cards as you like.

It is worth noting that the auto-play mode restricts the card pinning feature. In other words, you will not be able to select cards that will remain while playing on auto-play mode, the game will automatically pin cards with the highest value.

Turbo Poker Features

Turbo Poker Features

Turbo Poker has some features that you can customize to make the gaming experience easier, but it doesn’t include the lucrative features that spice the gameplay like multipliers and free spins. This may make sense considering that the game has low volatility and pays high profits in short times.

There are 3 playing modes in this game; slow, fast, and ultra-fast. Strategic players who want to make the right decisions in every spin will prefer the slow mode, while players who like to depend on their luck will choose the fast or ultra-fast mode. Also, you can activate the auto-spin if you want to watch the cards deal and disappear quickly without pressing the Spin button on each round!

If you feel lucky with the old cards’ design you can switch to the standard card gambling mood. Also, you can choose the modern cards as you like.

For mobile casino players, there are many features designed for them. If your battery is low, you can activate the energy-saving mood to enjoy playing for more time. Also, you can play on regular/full-screen moods.

Turbo Poker Paytable

The Handwinnings x stake amount
2 Pairs3x
3 of a Kind5x
Full House15x
4 of a Kind50x
Straight Flush400x
Royal Flush1,000x
5 of a Kind1,000x

Note that 5 2 jacks and 5 of a kind hands aren’t rewarded in this game.

Why You Should Play Turbo Poker?

  • The betting limits are wide; you can place a bet of at least $0.10 for each spin. So, if you have only $5, you will be able to play 50 spins!
  • There are many ways to win as well as double your wins! If you hit 2 pairs you will get your stake doubled, then you can pin the winning cards to use them again in the next round and get additional payouts.
  • The game includes many additional features that you can use to customize your gameplay and maximize your returns.